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Yoga: Exercise for Mental and Physical Relief

Yogesh Ambekar
Yoga is an exercise which gives both physical as well as mental relief. It is a way to realize your identity and spirit. It has been proved to be helpful for our body by science.
Yoga is an exercise which gives the necessary stress and strains to the body muscles and improves the blood circulation. The proper location for yoga is necessary to get the essence of its effect.
Generally a location which gives fresh atmosphere, silence and cleanliness can be considered as ideal. This will help to concentrate and achieve the desired result.
Avoid practising it in direct sunlight and after sun-bathing. Although ancient times with no pollution it was ideal place to practice in open environment but such places are rare to get or far away from our residential areas.

When to do yoga?

There is no doubt that it is fruitful to do it in the early morning quite before breakfast. This will to build the energy required for performing the activities throughout the day.
Also it generates hunger for the morning breakfast. So get up in the morning do visit bathroom and perform the morning activities, have your bath and with fresh mind do yoga.
Another time is early evening just before sunset. Well with change in lifestyle most of you must hardly find the time suitable for yoga. It's not hard and fast rule to do at these times only whatever time you find free during the day go for it. It is better to practice rather leaving it altogether with the earlier mentioned excuse.
Remember that you should not perform it within two to three hours after having eaten. Relax your body by performing it when you feel stiff, tense, tired or hyped-up.
Most of the people get excited and perform difficult positions of yoga it is recommended that you should do with things that you are comfortable at unnecessary body postures can cause problems. Just before going to bed go for prayer and don't practice yoga at this time. Do them in your free time during the day.
According to the experts, it is not restricted to few exercises that is one must not be content with performing few of exercises. There are different exercises which you must expertise gradually one by one. Whenever possible, mix and match the required elements of practice which will lead to improvement and enhancement in your spiritual growth and awareness.
After performing all the exercises the end asana can be the Pranaynama (breathing exercise). Meditation for few minutes can be done to wash out the tense thoughts running through our mind.
Pranaynama is a must for successful meditation. Meditation can be performed at any time of day when you feel relaxed and free.
Again avoid meditation also within 2-3 hours of eating, the reason being you feel sleepy and the brain also asks for rest. You can opt for Yoga Nidra to get sleep this can useful for people who suffer from insomnia. Suitable time for it is after meals. Avoid doing it when you feel tired or sleepy.
Focus on your exercises always remembers the motive of whatever asana you are doing. Don't worry about your surrounding factors. Obey the instructions correctly.
Try to keep yourself away from any sort of burden. Do whatever you can do it is not necessary that you must imitate your yoga expert. Practice makes man perfect. Don't hurry through your exercises. Take your time and then go for next asana. It may seem silly telling you that always breathe in and out through nose but most of do breathe through mouth.
God has given nose for breathing and mouth for eating. There is one exercise that can be helpful in such cases it is called "Jala Neti" (Cleaning of nose related organs). You can also take the advice your doctor.

Care to be taken while doing yoga

  • Anyone can practice it as there is no restriction on gender or age. Exercises which are suitable for your age group should be done.
  • Your mind should be prepared for the purpose that you are going to do. Practising it under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly condemned.
  • Those with disabilities and severe pains consult your yoga teacher or doctor. It's not that if you smoke you are not eligible to do yoga does not put that compulsion.
  • It is practised on mats suitable for yoga which should help you to perform yoga poses, meditation and relaxation postures with equal ease while making you feel good.
  • The clothing should be such that it does not be hurdle in your body movements. Generally light and loose clothes are recommended.
  • All other things like watches, spectacles should be kept aside. Women are advised to remove their ornaments and jewelry before practising.
Researchers now say that yoga is good for the cells in the endothelium, the inner lining of the arteries. It has proved to be useful in reducing the blood pressure, weight and pulse rate.
With the proper practice of yoga along with meditation helps not only build the spirit but also increases a sense of self-control. With yoga the body becomes more flexible and helps to relax the blood vessels.