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Workout Routines for Men at Home

Shashank Nakate Mar 11, 2020
It is important to exercise the body on a regular basis. Workout routines at home are helpful in maintaining the necessary fitness level without spending much time and money. You can perform all the necessary workouts at home itself.
There are many workout routines for men which can be performed at home. It is not at all necessary to join a gym in order to keep oneself fit. The home workouts are in fact better than those performed at a gym; this is because only the body weight is used while performing them.
A person without prior knowledge about how to workout with gym equipments may damage the body joints. Undue stress that falls on body joints can have grave consequences. Home workouts in comparison are safer. Stretching and bodybuilding exercises performed at home would prove to be highly effective if proper care is taken and necessary guidelines followed.

Effective Workouts for Men

The workouts for men are commonly categorized as chest, shoulder, back and leg workouts. Given are some exercises that would help you in keeping your body fit.

Workout Routines at Home

Home workout routines for men should be simple and effective. The different home workout routines help in muscle-building, stretching and eventually developing a strong body.


The push-up exercise is one of the common types of workouts to do at home. It helps strengthen chest muscles.
To perform push-up exercise, one should place palms on the floor at a shoulder-width distance from each other. Toes must be kept together and arms maintained in an extended position. The chest should be lowered until it touches the floor and then lifted to its original position.
In this exercise, muscles of chest get stretched while the body is lowered; muscles need to be flexed while the body is raised to its original position.
The inverted Push-Up is one form of push-up exercise and which helps strengthen shoulder muscles. Difference between an inverted push-up and the mentioned exercise is that in the former, legs need to be placed on a chair.

Side-to-Side Lunge

This exercise is performed in order to strengthen leg muscles. One should first stand with a shoulder-width distance between their feet, place hands on hips and keep the torso in an erect position.
The right leg should be lifted and placed sideways, as away as possible from the body. Knees must bend at a 90 degrees angle. Left leg should not be moved during this entire activity. Right leg should be brought back to its original position by flexing thigh muscles.

Body Weight Squats

Such type of squats are performed to exercise the muscles of legs and thighs, especially the hamstring, quads and glutes. Before one starts this exercise, the body has to be positioned in a manner that shoulder-width distance is maintained between legs.
Squats should be performed by bending both the knees at an angle of 90 degrees. The lower back should be arched so as to position the body in a manner that resembles sitting in a chair.
During the descent, i.e. at the time of lowering the body, care should be taken to see that knees don't bend past toes. Once the body is lowered to the bottom, it should again be raised back to its original position by flexing the quads, glutes and hamstring muscles.


It is a weightlifting exercise performed with the help of a barbell placed in front. Deadlift is a good exercise for stretching the back and thighs. To perform this exercise, hip-width distance should be maintained between the feet while in a standing position.
One should first squat down and hold the barbell with an overhand grip outside the knees. While one lifts the barbell, pressure should be exerted on the feet and specially the heels. Hips and knees have to be extended while the bar is lifted.
Activity of lifting the bar should be continued until the standing position is reached. While keeping the weight back to its original position, the same process mentioned before should be conducted, but in reverse order.
All the mentioned workouts for home are easy to perform. One need not spend much time for 'home workout routines'. Thus, home workouts are an economical and easy way to maintain a healthy body.