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Comfortable Workout Clothes for Men

Kanika Khara
The clothes you wear during a workout are as important as the exercises you do. This write-up lists the kinds of fabrics you should look for and the types of clothes most appropriate for men.
Regular exercise is the best way to maintain physical fitness and overall well-being. Whether it's running, jumping, weightlifting, stretching, etc., all these exercises help to lose those extra pounds and shape the body.
Besides these physical aspects, exercise also helps to strengthen muscles, the cardiovascular system, and boost our immune system that helps fight different health ailments like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, etc. Hence, considering all these benefits of exercise, it is vital for all of us to follow a regular exercise regime in order to stay fit.
The clothes we wear during the workout are an important element as help us to exercise better and for longer duration of time.
Imagine yourself exercising wearing an old jeans and a flannel shirt, after a few minutes of exercising you will see yourself drenched in sweat with no energy to exercise further. Hence, it is very important that before you start any exercise program, you should have appropriate attire which will help you exercise properly.

Ideal Fabric

When we go shopping for some good gym attire, a lot of the times these clothes turn out to be very expensive, especially the designer ones or those with special designs and fabrics. Moreover, most of us don't know what to look for while shopping. First, check whether it is made of a good fabric or not. Good fabric will let your body breathe and fit well.
The two most commonly used fabrics for exercising attire are cotton or synthetic materials like polyester. Though cotton is excellent, especially in the summer for daily activities as well as for workouts, the disadvantages are that it collects moisture and doesn't allow the skin to breathe as effectively as synthetic materials.
This means that you will be soaked during the entire workout when you wear cotton. Also, since cotton shrinks, these clothes are not very useful for long, regular, and strenuous workouts.
A better option is polyester which is light in weight and breathable. It is soft, quick-drying, and resists shrinking and stretching. Likewise, even nylon and spandex are good. They are light-weight, strong, quick-drying, and affordable.
Used alone or when blended together, all these fabrics can serve as good materials that are breathable, stretchable, and won't shrink even after repeated use.

Clothing for Men


Tight compression shorts like lace-up flex shorts made of spandex can be worn as a base layer under exercise clothes. They benefit by providing overall support and by keeping the muscles warm to avoid cramps and strains.


Cotton pants can be a good option for walking or just lounging around the house. However, when it comes to proper exercise in the gym or otherwise, pants like big performance pants, karate, or flextech pants made of a polyester blend which provide a little stretch and full range of movement can be a good option to consider.
You can even go for zip-up or snap ankle pants in case you feel like taking your pants off in the middle of the workout session without much hassle.


Go for something which is made of polyester or another synthetic fiber blend, because T-shirts made of such fabric regulate your body temperature by absorbing the sweat. Good options are tank tops, sleeveless muscle tees, etc.


Sweatshirts or hokies are great to stay warm before and after the workout. These sweatshirts are very appropriate especially in the winter when you are jogging outside.
Along with these exercise attire, it is equally important to wear proper shoes to enjoy the maximum benefits. The best shoes are the ones that provide proper cushioning as well as stability to your feet.