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What to Eat to Feel and Look Good

Craig Middleton Sep 19, 2019
Shared with you here are a few simple solutions along with a few guides about what should you be eating which are sure to help you in your efforts to keep your body happy and healthy.

Eat to Feel

We’ve all heard the saying, “when you look good you feel good.'' I believe this is very true. Let’s think for a second, whenever you go out and you get pampered or groomed, it makes you feel as if you are a totally new person. Did you know that you can also eat to feel great.
Food is fuel and a lot of what we put into our bodies matter and can also have an affect on how we feel. There are different foods that can make you feel great and when you are eating correctly you not only feel great, but look great as well. Eating foods such as fruit, vegetables and even protein can make you look and feel like a million bucks!

What's Your Favorite Fruit?

Are you a lover of fruits? It’s about indulging in a sweet colorful sensation. Having fruits can make you feel as if you are ten years younger.
There are many benefits that you can get from eating different types of fruits for example, strawberry is a great source of vitamin C and also has different antioxidants that keep diseases away. Strawberries are fun to eat and are beautiful to look at.
When you eat this fruit, your body thanks you by giving energy and helping you stay energetic through the day. Another fruit that is a mood booster as well as makes you look great is the beautiful yellow banana. Let’s just take a moment to think about the beautiful color of a banana.
You eat with your eyes first and yellow definitely is a happy color. Bananas are great mood enhancers and when you feel low, sad, angry, upset, the banana is one to boost your mood and make you feel better. When you eat a banana and feel good within, this will make you look even better on the outside.

Don't Forget to Eat Your Veggies!

Growing up as a child, vegetable was never a food that one would want to eat! In fact, nine times out of ten you have to pursuade your child into even wanting to eat them. Vegetables are literally what our bodies need to look and feel good.
When we eat vegetables we are giving our bodies the fuel it needs to function effectively and effortlessly. When you start your day off with vegetables you are giving your body the fuel needed to make you feel like you are at your best.
Vegetables are also very low in fat, therefore you can eat as much as you want and not have to worry about feeling sluggish.

We Can't Forget Our Protein!

Have you ever seen the food pyramid or food pie chart that shows what percentage of different food groups should be? There is a section for proteins and it’s important that we intake proteins to ensure that we have great energy and a balanced diet that will help us look and feel good.
We all should stay away from foods that make you bloated. It’s important to watch what we are eating and have fun with it. When we are paying attention to our intake of fruit, vegetables and proteins we are ensuring we will feel great and this will lead us to look our best.
We all have our ideal body types and sizes that we want to be and when we are responsible and watching what we eat we will achieve those goals and have us looking and feeling like we are living our best lives!