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What Makes Paddle Boarding A Great Choice for Workout

Joe Parker Aug 22, 2019
Paddle boarding is no doubt a good workout. It's just that people choose to think of it as a recreational activity, that the part of the workout is being ignored. But it doesn't stop paddle boarding from being one of the healthiest sports. Here's why paddle boarding is a good workout for you.

Burns Calories Quickly

Paddle boarding is an efficient way to burn calories. A casual session of paddle boarding burns at least 300 calories per hour. Number of calories you burn depends on how fast you paddle. If you can pick up the pace of every stroke, you can easily burn more calories. In a racing game, you can burn 700 to 1200 calories per hour.

Enjoyable Way to Workout

Most workouts can get boring with repetition, even if they are effective. What makes paddle boarding a better choice is that it's much more fun. You can paddle on the ocean and ride the wave when the time's right, or cruise down a river and explore the area. Some also participate in SUP events.

Effective Full-Body Workout

Paddle boarding can activate body parts like core muscles, biceps, etc. Your core will benefit the most as a stroke is performed mostly by bending. It can give better abs. Other transformations of your body will occur soon if you continue.

A Low Impact Sport to Work Out

Popular workouts like weight lifting or sports like basketball have certain risks. They either have great impact on your joints or can easily get you hurt. But paddle boarding is a low-impact sport. The chance of you getting injured is very low. The risk would be even lower if you use an inflatable stand up paddle board.


Choosing a suitable SUP board can make the paddle boarding exercise more enjoyable for you. The key is to go as fast as you can and stick to it.