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Weighted Hula Hoop Reviews

Pragya T Feb 24, 2020
The health benefits of hula hoops increased with weighted hula hoops. Weighted hula hoops offer more health benefits than normal hula hoops, and can be used in the same way as the normal hula hoop. Here, understand why Weighted hula hoops are better than the normal ones.
Hula hoops are fun exercises and activities not just for children, but for adults too. You can enjoy hula hooping outdoors on your lawn, in a garden or anywhere.
There are many studies done on hula hoop, which show that hula hooping offers various health benefits for children and adults both. However, now one can use weighted hula hoops for a better workout. It provides you a more challenging workout, which helps you to get back in shape quickly.

Why are Weighted Hula Hoops Better than Normal Ones?

One of the major health benefits of using weighted hula hoop is weight loss. Hula hoops make a great cardio workout. As you will be hooping for minutes together, you will be burning calories and your body will be pushed further to maintain the rhythm and coordination. This will make your body burn even more calories, and thus you will lose weight faster.
However, make sure you use only weighted hula hoops which are 3 pounds in weight as a beginner, and then gradually move to hoops which weigh 5 pounds. Make sure you don't exceed this limit, as using hula hoops which are heavier than 5 pounds can give you injuries.
With weighted hula hoops you will have improved strength and flexibility. As weighted hula hoops are heavier, naturally the strength of the body will increase. Your sense of coordination while you are working on your core muscles using heavier hula hooping will make the core muscles stronger.
As you will be continuously working to maintain the rhythm and coordination, this will improve the range of motion of your core muscles. This will result in better flexibility. This will not just improve your waist flexibility, but also the flexibility of your spine too. It will help you get rid of backache problems, which are a common complaint these days.
Weighted hula hoops are actually easier to use. All you need to find is the right size of hula hoop and you are good to go. Weighted hula hoops are larger than plastic hula hoops made for children, which make it easy for children to use. Buy a hula hoop, which hangs on your shoulder and reaches till your navel.
Hula hooping makes a fun workout which you can do for around 5-10 minutes a day in front of the TV or outdoors, and you can still have better health. Also, you can ask the children to participate in this activity with you, to make it a fun group activity.
You can make your own weighted hula hoop too. You will need to buy the PVC pipe which is of minimum 100 or maximum of 160 per square inch. The higher the per square inch of the pipe, the sturdier it is going to be. Also, make sure you go for a pipe which has got a width of 1 inch. The rest of the process is similar to making a normal hula hoop.
However, if you are not a DIY enthusiast, you can simply buy a good quality weighted hula hoop at a sports goods store or online. You can find weighted hula hoop for anywhere between $20 and $50. So, use a weighted hula hoop regularly and enjoy the said health benefits!