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Ways to Keep Yourself Physically Fit in Winters

It can be hard to stay fit during the cold months of the year, here are some tips to stay in prime shape.
Craig Middleton Dec 20, 2019
When the weather turns colder and winter holidays approach, it’s easy to get less active. Combine a sedentary lifestyle with the tendency to bundle up and enjoy the heavy meals and sweet treats present at gatherings with family and friends, and you may find yourself at odds with your physical fitness goals.
Find ways to stay conscientious throughout the season to ensure you won’t have to diet or struggle to regain your former level of activity once spring rolls around.

Set Goals

Holding yourself accountable for your eating and exercise habits throughout the winter months can help you avoid gaining unwanted pounds or losing some strength, endurance or energy. Setting a weight loss goal, will remind you to keep yourself from overindulging and to stay active despite hustle bustle of holidays.
Vow to workout at least 30 minutes each day, even if it’s simply taking a walk around a shopping mall or riding a stationary bike while watching a favorite holiday movie. Consider starting a journal to log your progress to keep yourself accountable.

Calm Cravings

If you find yourself eyeing an assortment of holiday sweets, find ways to avert cravings that can derail your physical fitness. To avoid overindulging in junk food, be sure to eat regular meals – particularly a healthy, hearty breakfast - so you won’t face hunger pangs that lead to unnecessary snacking.
Drink at least eight glasses of water daily to stay hydrated since dehydration may mimic the feeling of hunger. Increase your protein intake through lean meats and fish, eggs, Greek yogurt and nuts, for instance, since these foods keep you feeling full long after you’ve eaten.

Maintain Nutrition

Hot chocolate with whipped cream, sugar cookies, buttered popcorn, pumpkin pie and other holiday goodies may lead you to fill up with empty calories as you curl up on the couch for an afternoon movie marathon.
Although it’s okay to indulge in a treat or two when you gather with family and friends to celebrate, stick to your healthy eating habits the majority of the time rather than completely backsliding.
Consider cooking at home rather than going out and plan meals ahead of time to ensure you’re not caught without something healthy to eat – remember portion control and aim to have at least half of your plate filled with vegetables. You can also boost your intake of nutrients by taking vitamins or Gundry MD supplements if you feel your diet is still lacking.

Plan to Workout Indoors

If weather is preventing you from heading to your regular workout session at the gym, ensure you’ve got plenty of ways to exercise at home. Build endurance on a stationary bicycle or treadmill. Jump rope or lift free weights in the garage.
If you don’t have any available equipment, you can still stay active by running up and down the stairs, dancing to holiday tunes, cleaning the house to music or doing simple moves like planks, jumping jacks or crunches. In addition, search the Internet for videos that you can follow to get in a yoga, aerobics or stretching session.

Be Flexible

Although you may have followed a strict workout schedule in warmer weather, give yourself wiggle room in the winter to help you get more workouts in. Take a quick jog when there’s a break in the rain or even take a hike on an open trail. Go ice skating or practice tai chi in the park.
Just be sure to stay safe by stretching thoroughly before going into the cold, wearing warm and moisture-wicking clothing and keeping the volume of your music low since windy conditions may mask sounds of bicyclists or cars around you.
Although it may feel natural to hibernate indoors throughout the winter, it’s vital to avoid taking an extended break from healthy eating habits and exercise. Getting creative with your physical fitness routine will enable you to stay fit and maintain your energy level throughout the holidays and beyond.