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Warm Water Exercises

Rujuta Borkar Aug 24, 2020
Warm water is an excellent medium to carry forth several exercise forms because of the advantages that it offers. In this given story we will take you through the varied advantages that warm water exercises provide for, as well as give you several examples of what these exercises are.
Water is known as an excellent medium for carrying forth several forms of exercises, did you know? This medium puts the least amount of pressure on the body and thereby allows a person to exercise without straining and stressing himself. This happens because the muscles are automatically relaxed when in water and the possibility of carrying out any difficult exercise also becomes possible.
To understand what I'm saying, try a simple experiment the next time you're in a water body. Before entering it, straighten your leg and then without bending the knee, bring it up to the height of your knee. You'll feel the strain. Now carry out the same exercise in a water body and you'll find that you are able to bring forth the leg most easily, without feeling the strain and pull.
That is what water will do. Warm water provides for several other advantages as well like increasing the blood circulation, gently massaging the joints and muscles and preventing strains and pulls. In the following section we will look into the varied examples of a range of warm water exercises that can be looked into and followed.

For Weight Loss and More

The most important factor about warm water exercises is that they can provide a solution for varied health conditions like arthritis, weight gain as well as back pain. Before carrying through any exercises though, it is important to carry through a warm up session so that you do not strain and tighten the muscles. In the following article we will look through the exercises that will help in relieving the pain that is caused by these health conditions and improve the health thus.

Squats for Back Pain

1. This following exercise is undertaken for relieving back pain through the medium of warm water exercises.
2. Stand in the shallow end of the pool with your back to the pool wall.
3. Maintain a shoulder width distance between your feet and ensure that the lower back is touching the wall (Ensure that there are no jagged ends to the pool wall).
4. Perform squats from this starting position by lowering yourself, while bending your knees and going down as if you're about to sit.
5. Ensure that the knees never cross over the toes. This can cause harm to the knees.
6. Count till 5 and then raise yourself to the original position.
7. Repeat 16 times in sets of 3.
8. This is one of the best warm water routines for back pain that can be carried out.

Side Lifts

1. One of the best exercises for arthritis is one that will follow.
2. Stand in the warm water pool and hold the bar in front of you for support.
3. Stand with the weight balanced equally on both legs.
4. Slowly lift the right leg to the side and count till 5.
5. Then lower to the starting position and take the left foot to the side, keep for a count of 5 and lower.
6. Perform sets of 3 with 16 repetitions in each.
7. Another exercise that can be performed in the same stance is by standing with the weight equally distributed on both legs and holding onto the bar in front.
8. Then take the right leg and imitate the action of cycling, taking the leg up and taking it in a full circle.
9. Repeat on both sides with 20 repetitions each of this exercise.

Marching Under Water

1. Marching is one of the best exercises that can be undertaken for weight loss. Being a great cardiovascular exercise, this acts as a great all body workout that can be used for increasing the heart rate and thus leading to overall weight loss.
2. Start out at one end of the pool and imitate the normal marching actions.
3. Bend the right leg and raise it to the level of the knees. Simultaneously, bring the left hand straight in front of you.
4. In one continuous motion, bring the hand and foot down and raise the other set - left leg, right hand.
5. Continue this momentum and aim to get in at least 15 minutes of continuous action. Slowly increase the time.

Jumping Jacks

1. Jumping jacks is another very effective exercise to get into order for weight loss.
2. Stand in the pool with a hip width distance between your feet.
3. Now bend your knees and jump into the air, trying to get as high as you can.
4. When you jump in the air, take your hands above your head and point your toes towards the water.
5. As you come down, make sure that your knees are bent. Then let your feet fall flat on the ground.
6. The arms should be at the sides when you land.
7. Get in 10 repetitions in one set and start out with 2-3 sets. Slowly increase the number as you gain more stamina.
The following exercises were a range of warm water routines that focused on several and varied health conditions which can be cured by including these in your routine. Rest assured, once you include these in your routine, you'll notice the positive change soon enough.