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Types of People You See at Every Gym

Shruti Bhat
For some, working out at the gym is a punishment, while for others it's a religion. Either ways, going to the gym, for many, is inevitable. On a lighter note, these are some stereotypical people who you meet at the gym.
Newbies are newcomers at the gym. They follow the instructor like lost puppies. If the instructor is busy, they follow anyone who looks like they know what they're doing, which often includes ripped guys.
A few days into their workout, these newbies are introduced to a sad fact that exercising leads to body aches. And then, they begin to make their presence felt in the gym by cribbing and whining nonstop.
The know-it-all are gymmers who have either worked out at a gym before and/or have extensively researched on workouts, and diets. They'll often impart advice to other gym members, and discuss everything with the instructor. You'll even spot them with the latest fitness gadgets and apps.
The picture perfect ripped guys are those gym members who look like they've stepped out of a bodybuilder's poster. They have veins popping out of their neck and arms, as they pile on more weight to their 'already heavy' weights. You won't catch them doing anything but weights.
Thanks to the grunters, you no longer need to count. All you need to do is start your set with them, and they huff, puff, grunt, and make all sorts of funny and weird sounds for each count, before finally smashing the weights onto the floor at the end of their rep.
The sweaters are those who begin sweating the moment they touch a machine. They leave behind puddles of evidence of their presence wherever they work out. As far as hygiene is concerned, towels and deodorants are alien terms. If you're extra lucky, you'll even get to meet those who consider bathing and laundry optional too.
The gym creeps. Yup, the name says it all. But just to elaborate, these gym members stare at other gym goers as if they were in their birthday suits. They do, however, try to be discrete about it, but obviously fail miserably.
There is the gymmers group. These guys come to the gym together, work out together, 'motivate' each other, click ridiculous selfies together, and what not. They exactly know each others' workouts too.
The competitors are synonymous with frenemies. They will compete over every little thing, whether it is running on the treadmill and burning x number of calories within a given time, or using heavy weights, maximum number of reps, weight-loss, etc. They are constantly trying to beat the other one's record.
Cell phone addicts successfully manage to distract everyone at the gym. They will talk nonstop on their cell phones. The moment their call is disconnected, there's a silent sigh of relief.
But it doesn't stop there. If they're not talking on their cell phone, it will beep continuously. You can even spot them sitting idly on the machines, texting. Selfie addicts will flex in front of the mirror to click selfies and post them online.
You always have one of these guys at every gym, and sadly, you need just one to keep the rest waiting. Machine hoggers mostly have neither count nor reps, but they take as much time as they can on each machine.
Then, there are the gym residents. These guys take machine hogging to a whole new level, by hogging the gym. They are present at the gym all the time, be it morning, evening, or night. It's as if they never leave.
The liability is that special gym goer who worries the gym management, the instructors, and other members. This guy will not only take on more weights than he can manage, but also find innovative ways of working out.