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Treadmill Troubleshooting

Shashank Nakate
Troubleshooting the minor issues with your treadmill can be carried out easily with correct information and right direction. If you can do it all by yourself, you surely are going to save huge bucks.
Problems with a treadmill can be classified into three categories―electronic, belt, and mechanical. Most of the problems can be solved easily without much trouble by simply reading the user manual which helps in fixing most issues.
If proper steps are taken, it may not be an uphill task. It is necessary to consult an expert in case of technical issues beyond our understanding or problems associated with the motor. Many times motors are replaced unnecessarily due to the inability of the person to understand the real or underlying problems of the motor.
There could be instances of the motor shutting down suddenly. The friction setback between belt and deck could be one of the reasons behind it. The treadmill could also shut down in an irregular manner/rhythm. A faulty control panel or loose end wire could be the reason.

Common Problems and Workaround

Treadmill may slow down suddenly during use:
This problem generally occurs if an extension cord is used to plug the treadmill wires in electrical sockets. One should avoid this practice and also check whether the belt has been over-tightened.
The treadmill may turn off while in use:
The first thing to do in such cases is to check whether the wires are properly plugged in. The circuit breaker present on the treadmill should also be checked. The key needs to be removed and re-inserted.
The problem of errors messages displayed by the console or screen:
To solve this problem, key should be removed and then re-inserted. If the problem is still not fixed, the customer service should be called.
Slipping of the belt:
This could be fixed in three steps. One should first loosen the belt, reposition it and then tighten it back. The user's manual proves to be of great help in dealing with such problems.
Automatic incline may wear out while the treadmill is still in a fine condition:
The problem is caused due to malfunctioning of the motor. Motor used for operating the incline can be replaced easily, as it doesn't cost much. In order to install new parts, one should contact the customer service.

Proform Treadmill Troubleshooting

The Proform treadmills do not require much maintenance. In order to troubleshoot the problems related to power, one should first check whether the surge protector is grounded properly and if the plug is inserted into the socket. The circuit breaker should also be checked. There could be a possibility of the circuit breaker being tripped.
In such cases, one should wait for 5 minutes and then switch it on to reset the breaker. The walking belt may shift away from the center. To align it properly, one should first remove the key from console and unplug the cord. The belt could shift either to the left or right side.
In this case, the left rear roller bolt should be turned ½ in a clockwise manner. If the belt is shifted to right side, the right rear roller bolt should be turned ½ in an anti-clockwise manner.