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Treadmill Belt Lubricant

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Feb 21, 2020
If you bought a new treadmill but forgot to bring a treadmill belt lubricant, then you might be unknowingly shortening its life. Read on to know more.
Fitness equipment have become a must-have in every household these days. Although, most of us have become increasingly fitness conscious, not all of us can manage to take time for a workout session in the gym. For such people, buying fitness equipment for their home gym is the only option of ensuring their fitness.
The treadmill is one of the most sought after fitness equipment, as it allows maximum fitness for people of all ages. Those who cannot find time to take a jog in a park, find it very convenient to run a few miles on their treadmill.
However, it also happens to be one of the most expensive machines. Thus, there is an increasing trend to buy second hand or used pieces. These machines are a bit old, but function just as fine as new ones. However, you ought to pay attention towards its lubrication so that it works just fine.

Need for Lubrication

As mentioned, the treadmill is a machine that is used by almost every member of the family due to myriad benefits. Naturally, it undergoes a lot of wear and tear. The rotating belt is that part of the treadmill that is subjected to a lot of stress. The belt keeps rolling over the deck, generating a great amount of heat during the friction while workouts.
As a result, the life of the belt is further shortened. To ensure that your belt lasts longer and remains in a perfect working condition for a very long time, you need to lubricate it on a regular basis.
Lubrication lowers the friction between the belt and deck, while you run at the top speed. The smooth rolling of belt produces less amount of heat, and ensures that the belt remains in good working condition.

Points to Be Considered

It is very important to do a fair amount of research while buying treadmill belt lubricant. It is possible that your machine won't need any lubrication in the first place. Some of them come with an auto-lubrication feature, which takes care of the lubrication on its own.
Most of the high-end devices available today come with this feature. However, if you have purchased a second-hand piece, then it is very likely that your machine may warrant manual lubrication. Most of the manufacturers offer a warranty period on parts.
But with a used machine, this warranty period may have already expired or is very likely to expire in the near future. At that time, you may have no choice but to go for a manual lubrication of the belt. How will you know if your machine needs a lubrication or not? Besides, what is the type of lubrication that one needs to go for?
Your manufacturer's guide or manual should be able to answer these questions for you. Remember, this is a very important step before purchase. Applying the wrong lubricant can damage the belt. Similarly, applying lubricant to an auto-lubricating machine can do more harm than good.


There are two types of lubricants. These include wax and petroleum-free silicon lubricants. Most of the auto-lubricating treadmills come with a pre-waxed belt. Wax lubricants are available in granules, powder, or in solid forms. The silicon ones mostly come in liquids and sprays. They are not recommended unless your manufacturer recommends to do so.
While applying the coating, one must take care of its type. There are kits as well, which come with instructions for applying the particular lubricant. Follow these instructions carefully. Keep the device in an unplugged condition while you are doing the job. The frequency of lubrication is determined by the amount of time spent on the machine everyday.