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Total Gym Workout Routine

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 12, 2020
Total gym workouts are designed to help your lose weight and fat. These workout plans ensure complete body toning, if followed religiously.
Who doesn't dream of having a well toned body? Imagine a built which has the perfect flat board abs, tightened arms and strong muscular legs! A dream come true, isn't it?
Starving is no solution for earning a chiseled body. All you need is a total body gym routine, which will help you workout, develop and tone each part of your body. The structure of these workouts depend on your body type, physical ailments and eating habits.

Full Body Gym Workout Routine

Abdominal Exercises

Maximum weight gets accumulated around the stomach area. Losing fat around the upper abdomen is easy, but it is the lower abdomen that takes a little extra effort. Nothing compares to abs exercise for tightening lose and flabby abdominal muscles.
This exercise can be done on an abs machine or on a flat ground. Lie down flat on the ground, with your hands locked behind your neck. Bend your knees so that your feet touch the ground. Now, move your shoulders and trunk towards the knees till you feel a small strain on your abdominal muscles. Do at least 100 crunches a day, to turn the fat in fabulous abs.

Pectoral Exercise

This part of the workout focuses on the pectoral muscles and upper body. Bench press is the key exercise to the V shaped chest and well built shoulders. You can do this exercise with a dumbbell or a barbell.
Lie flat on the bench, with the feet on the floor for balance. Lift the dumbbells or barbells in full length of your arms, till the time it is parallel to the ground. Lower the bar, in a slow motion till it touches the chest. Two sets of 20 bench presses for about a month will tone your upper body very well.

Shoulder Press

The purpose of shoulder presses is to build muscle mass on the shoulder. You can perform this exercise with a machine or with free weights. If you are using a machine, then the exercise will have to be performed in a seated manner. 
Whereas, using free weights will allow you to perform the exercise in the standing up position. Either way, position your hands next your shoulder, such that they are at a shoulder's width apart.
Place your feet firmly on the ground for support. Grip the weight tightly with both your hands and lift it so that your arm is completely stretched out. Now, lower the bar in a controlled motion back to the starting point. Two sets of 20 shoulder presses for a month's time will tone your triceps in a desired manner.


It is an important part of workout, it uses body's weight to tone the lower body.
You can also perform this exercise with free weights. Stance is the most important aspect of this exercise for proper toning, right posture and injury free exercise.
Stand with your feet at shoulder's width apart. Slowly squat down as though you are sitting on an imaginary chair. Go down till your knees are completely bent and then come up to the original position. Do not bend forward, as it will only increase you chances of falling on the face.
Wider stance works on the inner thigh, while a narrower one works on the outside muscle. Inhale while going down and exhale while coming up. About 20-30 squats must be performed every single day to tone your legs.

Working Out Triceps

The motto of having full length triceps exercise in total gym workouts is, to build the muscles on the triceps and to strengthen your arms.
Lie on the bench, facing upwards and with feet flat on the bench and knees bent. Hold the dumbbell or the bar with firm grip of your hands. Lift the weight till your arms are locked out and stretched completely. Then, in a controlled motion bring the weight back to the starting point. Two sets of 20 triceps will give your arms the right definition.
Besides a regular workout, your body also needs some cardiovascular exercises such as brisk walking on the treadmill, cycling, spinning, aerobics, running or swimming. The right combination of cardiovascular exercises and weightlifting brings about fat loss and body toning.
The most important thing to do before you begin any kind of exercise, is to do a good warm up. A warm up, is meant to intimate your muscles for an intensive workout as total gym workouts focus on your body.
Make a genuine effort towards avoiding fattening food items and junk food. These are truly, junk and thus, must be trashed away. All the gym routines work only if they are followed religiously. Thus, a dedicated attempt is all that you need to get the supermodel figure of your dreams!