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Tone Muscles Without Weights

Aarti R Mar 12, 2020
There are a number of exercises, with the help of which you can tone the muscles in your body. Some exercises don't even require weights for it. The following story provides information about a few of these exercises.
People often think that fancy gym equipment and weights are required to tone the muscles. However, there are exercises which can help you achieve it without the weights. There are different exercises to tone different parts of your body. Along with this, you can also perform some cardiovascular exercises, which may help you lose weight. When these exercises are performed without weights, it helps you burn extra calories.


There are some exercises which focus on a particular body part, and when done regularly, help in toning that muscle.

Toning Flabby Arms

Push ups are the best, to tone the muscles of your arms. It can also be combined with squats. Perform a squat, with both your hands touching the ground on either side of your legs. Then, bend down and go in a push ups position. Perform one push up and then return to the squat position. Then again return to the original position. Tricep dips are also effective in toning the arm muscles.

Toning Oblique Muscles

These muscles are also known as love handles, and oblique crunches are one of the most effective and beneficial exercises for them. Trunk twists are also a good warm up exercises, which can be performed at home. Abdominal exercises also help reduce the fat around the abs and shape them.

Toning Legs

Lunges, squats, and dead lifts are some of the exercises which can help you lose the fat around your thighs and get them in good shape. Running, jogging, and sprinting are also good options, if you wish to tone the muscles of your thighs and calves.
There are many exercises which can help you build muscles without weights. These include yoga and pilates which work wonders on the body. Yoga includes various stretching exercises and a number of asanas which will render your body toned. It also promotes weight loss. Yoga Asanas are the best to maintain a good body posture and increase the flexibility of the body. Breathing plays a very important role in these exercises and instructions should be followed strictly, while doing them.
Pilates are also good to lose weight and get the body in good shape. It increases the flexibility and overall body awareness. Although, there are different pilates exercises for different body parts, it mainly focuses on the core parts of the body like the buttocks, abs, and the thighs where maximum fat is accumulated.
These aforementioned exercises, if done regularly show good results. Along with this, maintaining a healthy diet is also important, as it provides you with the necessary energy.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only. Always consult a physician before starting any physical fitness program in order to reduce the risk of injury.