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Tips to Stay Fit While Working From Home

Vinita Tahalramani Mar 31, 2020
'Work from home' may sound relaxing, but sometimes can have adverse effects on our health. Here, I'll share with you some easy-peasy ' Stay-fit' exercises when working from home.


  • Arm circles
  • Chair exercise
  • Neckroll
  • The runner's stretch
  • The standing side stretch


Walking indoors can be fun!
You can start keeping things in place.

Simply walk on the spot, climb a few stairs.


Pull some grocery from the kitchen and use them as weights.

Note: This is only for who are accustomed to weight training.


These beginner yoga poses can help to keep you motivated:
  • Deep Breathing exercises
  • Chair pose
  • Cow face pose
  • Cow pose ( Bitilasana)
  • Extended side angle pose

... And Make the Right Food Choices

Add nutrients to your daily diet.
  • Nuts
  • Fruits
  • Juices

Make This An Anthem

Walk a little
Talk a little
Shake a little
Bake a little
Cook a little
Book a little
Stretch a little
Bench a little...

... so that you stay fit even as you work (from home)!