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Think Twice Before Saying These Things to Female Weightlifters

Puja More
Weightlifting isn't restricted to being a men's domain anymore. Being a woman weightlifter is something to be proud of, but people look at her like she's an alien and say things they shouldn't be saying.
It is said that a healthy man can sustain only 45 Del (unit) of pain. But at the time of childbirth, a woman experiences almost 57 Del of pain, which is equivalent to the pain one will experience if he/she breaks about 20 bones at a time!
Women are a lot stronger than most men imagine them to be, then what's wrong if women use their strength to lift weights? Why do people question or pass silly comments? Even those people who say such silly things don't have answers to these questions, and yet they utter them.
The reaction of female weightlifters to this statement would always be, "aarrrggghh". They have a 'well-built' body and not 'well-toned' body. If it was possible, they would happily have the word 'toned' removed from the vocabulary.
Female weightlifters work out to stay healthy, not beef up. People believe the myth that building muscles makes one bulky. The reality is that people who work out follow a proper diet and hence don't bulk up. The other myth is if one stops working out, his build up muscles turn into fat, which is absolutely not true.
There is only one retort that such a comment deserves, "please get your vision checked," Having a muscular body doesn't change a woman to a man, instead it makes her fit, and fit is definitely not a synonym for 'male'.
Asking such a question is nothing less than adding fuel to the fire. Of course they too like junk food, but they can handle their cravings, but this doesn't imply that you test their patience and resolve.
If you like eating, do you eat the whole day? Hell no! Similarly, if she likes working out, that doesn't mean that she drops everything on her schedule and camps out in the gym forever.
They are weightlifters who are trained to build their body by experts. They are not dietitians or fitness trainers themselves. You go to them with your fitness issues or queries, and they can only give you a reference contact and a few basic tips, nothing else.
Alright, agreed that their body structure is slightly different than other women, but this doesn't mean that they don't find perfectly fitting clothes.
When they work out, they meet people who share their passion to lift weights and hence, become friends too. But remember they don't spend their entire day in the gym. They workout for about an hour or two, and then spend the rest of the day doing what all ordinary people do.
If a guy says this, then he better watch out! Those are well-sculpted muscles, not wet paint that you have to touch them to ensure their existence.
This is the biggest myth that women weightlifters (or any other weightlifters) resort to steroids to achieve that body. The truth is, they work really hard in the gym, watch their diet and make many other sacrifices for that body; and it's not fair to call their hard work a gift of steroids.
She is a woman, so what's so surprising if one finds her in feminine clothes. Women weightlifters don't go to their workplace in tracks pants, tights, and tank tops. A weightlifter can react in many ways to this remark, but preferably she should only roll her eyes.
Why can't she have a boyfriend or a husband? All men are not the same, and there are men who would love to be the better half of a fit woman. After all, a man who is health conscious himself, will prefer a health-conscious woman. And they would make a great pair.
Being a weightlifter doesn't make any lady or woman less feminine. But it's quite difficult for some people (men and women) to comprehend that. Not all perceive women as delicate dolls. Times have changed and so should our perceptions about women.