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8 Things Your Yoga Instructor Won't Tell You

Snehal Motkar
Does your curious mind want to know what things your yoga teacher thinks about, but never reveals to you? Here are things that your yoga instructor won't tell you.
Avoid trying variations in yoga postures without your instructor's permission, because it's distracting as well as disrespectful.
Yoga is all about the peace of mind and body through classic exercises and divine postures. One has to feel calm and relaxed after a yoga session, which is enough to determine the effectiveness of a good session. Hence, the instructor also wants to keep a calm and stress-free atmosphere for the students, and does not say or express certain things.
However, there are a few really important things your yoga teacher won't tell you but, definitely wants you to know while joining the class.
The term tap in Sanskrit means 'to burn'. Practicing tapas is one of the five niyamas (moral codes of Patanjali Yoga Sutras), which requires fiery passion and self-discipline within a yoga learner.
Self-discipline should not be enforced by the instructor, but should exist in the learner, and he must be willing to follow the disciplinary norms while taking yoga lessons from his teacher.

Things a Yoga Instructor Won't Tell You

Be Careful About Your Outfit

Being a teacher, your yoga instructor will be above all distractions, however, also being human, he is bound to get distracted at times. It is important to realize that other students and your yoga teacher have not come there to see your outfit.
Be careful about what you wear, and after wearing an outfit, ask yourself a few questions like, "Am I feeling comfortable in these clothes?", "Can I stretch my arms and legs to the fullest?", etc. Furthermore, to avoid any wardrobe malfunction, always take a look at yourself in the mirror before leaving for the class.

Bring Your Own Mat and Clean it Regularly

Borrowing a studio mat for a couple of initial classes is okay, but once you are determined to continue your yoga practice, it's time you buy a new mat for yourself. Some studio mats are cleaned on a regular basis, however, the fact is that studio mats are used by hundreds of people, and you don't want to keep your head/face where others keep their feet.
With your own mat also comes a set of responsibilities. It is extremely important to clean your mat once a week, because when you exercise, sweat drops on your mat.
When you roll it, put it in your car and roll it out on the next day, know that by then your mat has turned into a paradise for germs. It may be even worse when it remains unwashed for several months, and gives out a stinky smell that is bothersome to the teacher as well as your fellow mates in the class.

It's Not a Competition

Even if your yoga teacher does not mention it, he or she is extremely annoyed when you show off your talent in the front row, and try to be different from others.
A teacher is equipped with vision to monitor each student and their progress, and does not demand extra efforts to come into the limelight. Moreover, showing off could be dangerous, and you might hurt yourself, as well as others, seriously while doing so.

A Smile Doesn't Approve Coming Late

All of us have a pretty busy life, agreed. However, that does not mean that you are allowed to be consistently late for your yoga class. Moreover, remember that, in most cases, you would have chosen the time slot according to your convenience.
Also, it is disrespectful and rude to come late, slam the door, spread the mat on the floor noisily next to your meditating fellow mates, distracting and disturbing them. Think of yoga before entering the class, and be soft and gentle in your attitude when you arrive late.

The Noises You Make Are Bothersome

Be it loud breathing or passing gas, it is common in a yoga class. It's quite natural that while doing several twists and turns, and holding oneself in a complex yoga pose, the organs inside the body also move and stimulate digestion. However, it can become an extremely embarrassing situation for you, and a nuisance to your fellow mates.

A Curious Glance is Not to Judge You

When your teacher offers a quick glance while you are holding yourself in a pose, don't get afraid and try to stretch beyond your body's limit.
The curious look of the teacher is not to judge your flexibility or accuracy, but to see whether you are able to do the pose safely and comfortably.

Yoga is Not an Ultimate Cure

It's true that the instructor inquires about your health and the issues related to it, but that doesn't mean your yoga teacher is a doctor, and can solve all your health problems.
Instead, he/she just wants to know your health status, as it is a major factor that may affect your yoga practice in a positive or negative way.

Some Poses are Dreadful Even for the Instructors

It is a universal fact that some yoga poses are actually tough, and even advanced learners or instructors are afraid of doing them. They neither practice themselves, nor teach such poses to their students.
Lastly, do not ever enter the yoga shala with shoes, because the place is cleaned and maintained by the owner to develop positive energy and atmosphere for the yogis.