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14 Wacky Things Every Overweight Person Can Relate To

Raksha Kulkarni Mar 22, 2020
Agreed that being overweight leads to physical issues, but it also causes plenty of psychological strain and stress. If you are nodding in agreement after reading this, read on further.
Is fat really the worst thing a human being can be?
Is fat worse than vindictive, jealous, shallow, vain, boring, evil, or cruel?
Not to me.

― J.K.Rowling
People across the world have certain set notions and beliefs which they propagate and adhere to. Anyone not conforming to these notions or seeking individuality is frowned upon. The definition and standards of beauty is a classic example of one such notion widely prevalent in society.
It seems that people who are liberally endowed in the fat department just don't fit in the "beautiful" category. We are not justifying or endorsing being obese in any way, it is just that even being 'plus size' is not considered normal, which is terribly unfair.
Being overweight or obese is a major health concern, but that doesn't make those people any less beautiful or an easy victim for you to judge. The whole world is ever ready to judge everyone. Hence, being fat is like an invitation to many of those judgmental or mean comments.
Following things are not intended to offend anyone's feelings or not even written to promote obesity. These include just a few of the things people can relate to. So, read on with no hard feelings!

Things Every Overweight Person Can Relate To

The Stares and the Taunts

People just don't seem to understand that there can be fat people in this world. They will stare and stare, and keep their mouth blabbering whenever they see you.
Oh, it is a sheer joy to see an aunt who you don't know, walk up to you, and sugarcoat the fact that you have put on "SO" much weight. This situation is not restricted to relatives only, even random people love to stare at your rather fuller self.

Free Advice

✦ Everyone loves giving free advice, especially to a fat person. Every single person around you deems it his/her birthright to warn you about the health problems, or advise you about diet, exercise, or even about what clothes to wear.
✦ All people older to you will come up to you and stress on the dangers of obesity. See, everyone knows it and work towards it. But, there is no need for every person to remind anyone of it every second of their life.
✦ People will always tell you what you should eat and most importantly what you shouldn't. Every person will peddle his own option, like zumba, gym, etc., etc. And after exhausting all the options, they will have this common suggestion to throw at you, "You can at least walk or jog!".
✦ "Wear black, it will make you look leaner", "This hairstyle makes you look more fat", these are some of the very common remarks you may have heard. Everyone has his/her own suggestion regarding what color or style of clothes to wear, what haircut is best for you, and everything that is even remotely concerned with your looks.

The Adjectives

People will avoid using "fat" but will use "healthy/plump". Sorry, that does not hurt any less! People might do it unintentionally. Yet, there are words like beautiful, gorgeous, or pretty that you could use too.

Shopping, A Nightmare!

✦ This is one activity that probably everyone enjoys. But, we don't! If you ever have to go shopping with your (slim) friends, you have to be content shopping for shoes, jewelry! Why? Nothing ever fits you!
✦ Brands think that overweight people don't exist so they don't manufacture clothes of their size.
✦ If there are any clothes of your size, you will have very little options. Not to mention that they carry a hefty price tag!
✦ Online shopping is sometimes the only option that remains. But, there's another problem. Every other brand fits differently which makes shopping for clothes even more difficult.

Testing Your Photography Skills

This is a huge task because no such angle exists that can make you appear slimmer. No low angles, no full frame shots, there are just so many problems. You would rather be someone behind the camera rather than in front.
Most of the profile pictures are photos with "only face", or where you have held your breath till you almost turned blue so that your paunch did not become the focus of the shot.

Judged About Eating

✦ People will stare a lot even when you have a trolley with just one fried item and all other vegetables. They will also stare when you're eating the tiniest piece of your friend's burger.
✦ On the other hand, people will also pity and comment if you're eating a salad. You just can't figure out what exactly do they expect you to do.

The Irony of Life

It is irritating when you have slim friends who talk about putting on weight. They point to their tummy and act as if "I am so fat!". True that that many of them will do it unintentionally, but it is hurtful!
They are complaining because about 0.001-inch fat seems to be bulging out through their dress and though our tummies seem to protrude by almost 10 times that number, we calmly sit and listen.

Oh, the Compliments!

"Your face is so pretty!", "You would look so hot if you lose some weight". These are the compliments these people get on a regular basis. Their friends or family will genuinely say it, but it's just a constant reminder that "fat is not beautiful". And, it is very irritating!

Managing All the Weight

✦ It is horribly difficult to move with all the extra weight on your body. It is as simple as that. Your back and knees hurt. Every single time you have to put unused muscles to use, it hurts.
✦ Another challenge is when you have to squeeze through many people, especially while you're traveling on a crowded bus or train. It feels impossible to sit in a small place, especially if you have to share the seat with two people.
✦ You always have to think about whether the furniture can handle your weight. Some chairs can be really fragile, and you don't want to break it and cause a major embarrassment. So then, you sit or rather squat in a position that resembles sitting and pity your legs for the next few hours.

Visits to the Doc

Regular checkups and visits to the doctor can be terrifying ordeals. It is understandable that excess fat can kill you in the long run. But, is everything related only to fat? Even if you go to the doctor with a fracture, your obesity is bound to be discussed first.

Confusion With Words

✦ People actually tend to confuse many words like "tired" and "lazy". You may have worked hard for the whole day and just don't feel like coming for shopping. This here is "tired" and not lazy, and shopping is not a very important thing!
✦ There are people who misunderstand the meaning of "healthy" and "fat". Yes, being fat is not healthy, but then being slim is not healthy either. Someone rightly said, "Health isn't a look. It's a way of being." You may be fat, but you could be more flexible than others. So, please just think before you judge someone.

EVERYTHING Reminds You of Your Size

Due to the constant remarks and suggestions from all the folks around, you too begin to see the world in terms of thin and obese.
There are some people who just cannot look beyond your size, everything and anything about you is and will inevitably revolve around your weight. Sad as it may sound, but there is nothing you can do about it. But wait, these were only the cons. Every coin has two sides, you know. Similarly, there are certain benefits that overweight people can relate to.

Compassionate Outlook

✦ God has made you this way and you accept it. This has really taught you to accept every human being on this Earth, as they are.
✦ You are compassionate towards anybody and everybody. At some point or the other, people have mistreated you and so you know the importance of being nice to everybody.

People Trust and Rely More on You

✦ You are the cuddly teddy bear of your group. People actually like you, and they love cuddling and playing with you. You're always the one on whom they tend to rely on.
✦ You are the last person to judge people, so all your friends like sharing the sorrows and secrets with you (they know their secrets are safe).
So, though being fat has both good and bad points; it is good to be healthy. Better late than never! So start working hard, because looks won't matter, but health will! Don't do it just because others say so. Do it because you feel like it! So, go ahead and never give up on yourself!