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The Best Weight Loss Program for Men

Saptakee Sengupta Jul 22, 2020
Obesity and overweight problems are common in the recent times. If you feel that you are putting on weight randomly, then it's the time to change your lifestyle before succumbing to further health complications. Losing weight is possible only when you exercise regularly and eat right kind of foods.
If you have a tendency to put on weight quickly, then you must follow a fitness regime that includes a proper diet and workout regimen. You should also analyze the reasons behind gaining weight. Bad eating habits, lack of exercise and sloth lifestyle not only cause weight gain but also give rise to plenty of health complications.
If your job entails only desk work, then you are bound to put on weight. To be precise, failing to find out time for exercise is definitely not healthy for the body. We have presented you an easy-to-follow weight loss program over here for your reference.

The Ideal Diet

Weight gain is a gradual process and you realize only after those piled up fats are pretty much evident especially on your tummy and face. You can avoid this only by following a proper diet, which plays a significant role in building the structure of your body.
It's better to survive on a weight loss diet rather eating more than the desired quantity. It is utmost important to know the food items that actually prevent weight gain and boost up metabolism.
  • The simple rule is, the more fats and carbohydrates you eat, the more plump and flabby you become. You have to completely restrict yourself from eating simple carbohydrates (e.g. foods made from white flour, white rice, refined sugar, etc.).
Foods containing complex carbohydrates like oats, brown rice, cornflakes, whole wheat pasta, etc are healthy. You can have them for breakfast.
  • You must eat more protein rich foods when you are working out regularly. The energy burnt while working out gets replenished by proteins. Have boiled chicken, turkey, fish, beef, and egg white on regular basis.
You need protein drinks containing whey proteins, egg albumin and added micro nutrients and vitamins when you are on a weight loss diet. Apart from these, you can also have boiled lentils and pulses.
  • Strictly avoid saturated fatty acids as they make you highly vulnerable to weight gain. However, you cannot eliminate fats completely from our diet. For this, you need to intake unsaturated fatty acids. Cook your food in olive oil, sunflower oil, or linseed oil. Have skimmed milk and other types of fat-free dairy products in moderation.
  • Your metabolic machinery works the best only when the foods you eat are rich in fibers. Eat plenty of raw vegetables (spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, kale etc) and fruits (oranges, lemons, berries, apples, and grapes).
This way you can fill your stomach without putting on weight. Avoid canned fruit juices as they contain artificial sugars and various other kinds of carbohydrate rich sugars.

A Proper Exercise Regimen

You can either exercise at home or join a gym for better results. Workout under the guidance of a trainer in order to lose weight in right proportion. Emphasize more on cardio, stretching and various other forms of aerobic exercises.
Anaerobic exercises are also important as they tighten muscles and burn excessive body fat. You will observe the difference in your physique even if you workout religiously for half an hour everyday.
  • Weight loss is almost impossible if you are not exercising regularly. A complete body workout is required to lose weight from every part of your body. Incorporate walking, elliptical exercises and jogging in your warm up schedule.
This will relax your body and make your muscles flexible for performing the exercises. You will also feel energetic after a good warm up session.
  • Then you proceed to a sustained workout program meant for losing weight from specific parts like the tummy, thighs, waist, shoulders, back, hips and arms.
Mix freehand stretching exercises with equipment based exercises to acquire the perfect shape. Sit-ups, crunches, leg curls, weight lifts, push-ups, etc help in building muscles and curtailing extra pounds.
  • If you do not get time to hit the gym, then you can work out at home. Indulge in outdoor sports with your kids to keep yourself physically fit.
Another good idea is to join an entertainment or fitness club having facility for dancing, cycling, tennis, badminton, kick boxing, etc. It will be an excellent stress-buster for you. The more cardio you do, the more speedily you lose weight.
  • Practice yoga under the guidance of a teacher. You will observe the difference in your health only if you follow the instructions properly and practice the yoga postures everyday.
It's best to go for yoga sessions early in the morning in order to remain fresh and active for rest of the day. Try power yoga and different forms of breathing activities to lose weight fast.
This was the ideal weight loss program for men. Eat food in small servings so that your daily calorie intake is not more 1500 cal. A word of advice, do not consume any type of pills to lose weight because they have side effects in the body and you put on weight randomly after discontinuing them.
A proper blend of exercise and diet is all you need to acquire a perfect physique. In case you do not notice improvement in your health despite doing everything religiously, then you must go for a medical check up to get the right treatment.