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The 5 Most Common Mistakes in Gym

This story covers the most common mistakes you are probably doing at the gym, that is stopping you from muscle growth.
multazim shaikh Mar 28, 2019

Rest Periods

Many people tend to take longer rest intervals between their sets. This has a direct impact on muscle development.

Longer intervals will lower the muscle activeness, and this will take a very long time to build some muscle. So, try to minimize your resting periods.

Training Biceps All the Time

This is the most common mistake which the majority of people do at the gym. Biceps are smaller muscle and they don't require multiple training sessions.

In fact, training your bicep once in a week is more than enough.

Skipping Leg Days

Many people tend to skip leg exercise majority of the time. They just want to have a good upper body. Remember, legs are the muscle which will give you proper physique.

So, focus more on training your legs. At least, twice a week.

Doing Cardio Excessively

Doing cardio 3-4 times per week is not recommendable, especially if your goal is muscle building.

Doing cardio too much will cause muscle loss. Instead of cardio, I would suggest you to focus more on weight training as it will help you burn calories as well as in muscle building.

Mind and Muscle Connection

When you are training a particular group, then focus on that activity only. Don't get yourself involved in other things, as mind-muscle connection is very important.

So, avoid these mistakes to build a good physique, just feel the pain and get involved in the process of muscle building.