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The Very Real Struggles of Daily Gym Goers

Anuj Mudaliar Mar 17, 2020
Whether you want to lose or gain weight, or just maintain basic fitness levels, gyms are what everyone looks towards to solve these issues. Of course, going to the gym and making it a regular part of your routine is difficult. These are the various challenges and sacrifices that a daily gym goer goes through.

Convincing Yourself to Go to the Gym is Tough

No one really likes to go to the gym. Why can't I eat some chocolate cake instead?' Is what you ask yourself whenever the topic of working out comes up.
You don't mind being a little out of shape. But the mounting bills for new clothes in ever-increasing sizes is enough to keep you quiet and going to the gym. Well, not exactly quite, as you are still whining about it all the time.

Waking Up for the Gym is Pure Agony

So you've got your membership made, paid your fees, and are raring to get to the gym the next day. But, getting up in the morning despite your alarm is a really painful process.
Even choosing to go to the gym in the evenings is no easier, as you are usually exhausted from your day at work.

Operating Gym Equipment Seems Like Rocket Science

For you, operating the equipment for the first few times can be really confusing, without someone's help. This can seem embarrassing at times, making you wish that you could stick to the spin cycle for the entire duration.

Working Out Makes Your Body Scream for Mercy

With our sedentary lives, most of the muscles in our body are not used to any kind of exertion. So, when your gym routine begins, everyday starts and ends with sore muscles, as you push yourself to the limit.
On top of it, the nefarious instructor pushes you even more, working muscles you never knew existed. Every movement you make through the rest of the day reminds you of your workout session, and your only hope is that you might actually gain from the pain.

Choosing Between Gym Workouts and Other Plans

Going to the gym can easily take an hour or two of each day, and every now and then this commitment can be tough to keep.
It can be difficult especially when your friends or family members make plans that sound much more fun than the gym. It could be a picnic, movie, or a shopping trip, and it takes every last bit of your willpower to keep away from such temptations.

Some Days at the Gym Feel Like You are at the Doors of Death

Occasionally, one can get a little overenthusiastic and put in much more effort than normal. When you are done, you feel great and elated.
However, with time comes a torrential flood of pain, where it even hurts to stand, sit, sleep, or eat. By the time you fall asleep, you are wondering whether you'll wake up the next day, and if it is too late to write your will.

Everyone Assumes That If You're a Girl, You're Not Strong

If you are a girl and enter the free weights section, almost every man present will discreetly look at you with a mixture of surprise and skepticism. However, the skepticism turns to shock when you lift more than any of them.

Working Out With a Balanced Diet While Others Chow Down

Within the first couple of months, you disappointedly realize that, while you are surely getting fitter, eating excessively or consuming junk food is preventing you from reaching your full potential.
But maintaining a healthy diet is never easy, especially while everyone else is splurging on and relishing food that you love. The forbidden fruits never looked more tempting.

Finding Someone Else Using Your Spin Cycle at the Gym

Within a few days of settling into your workout routine, you have your favored spots and equipment in your mind. But occasionally, you find someone else at your spot, using your bike or treadmill, which is extremely irritating to say the least.

Breaking Gym Equipment Without Knowing what You Did Wrong

In a busy gym, every piece of equipment is subject to constant strain, and some wear and tear is inevitable.
However, when a cable snaps or a weight breaks when you are using it, fear bubbles up, even though you know it's not your fault. Did anyone notice? ... What exactly did I do wrong? It usually takes a couple of minutes before you can gather your courage and notify the management of your mishap.