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Stomach Ache after Running

Rahul Thadani Jul 30, 2020
Many people experience stomach ache after running, and this is not an abnormal occurrence. There are some simple reasons for this condition, and some easy precautions can be adopted in order to avoid this problem. This story provides information about the same.
If a person is experiencing a stomach ache after or while running, then it's a clear indicator that he/she needs to slow down the running speed, and reduce the intensity of the running routine. The feeling may be a slow dull ache that builds up as time passes, or a sudden shooting pain. Either way, one needs to pay attention to these warning signs, and reduce the intensity of the routine.
The most obvious reason for this condition is some problem or imbalance in the diet, or in the digestive system as a whole. This can be fixed by eating a healthy diet, and avoiding junk foods. Everyone has experienced acidity and indigestion at some point or the other, and if this feeling occurs while running, then one needs to change his/her eating habits.

Stomach Cramps and Stitches

This is another scenario that most runners may be familiar with. While running, it is normal to feel a sudden stomach cramp. This pain occurs in the sides of the stomach, and it is also known as stitch.
This is a normal occurrence and there is nothing to be worried about. Stitches are not just restricted to the stomach, and they can be felt in the shoulder, the ribs, or the areas under the armpits.
Here are some common reasons why these stitches may occur.
  • There is lack of water in the body at that moment when the stitches occur.
  • The individual has not kept proper gap between eating and running.
  • The stamina of the individual is low.
  • The individual is running too hard, and needs to slow down
The explanation that doctors give for this condition is that it occurs because of reduced oxygen supply in the body. The abdominal pain, occurs in the walls of the abdominal muscles and can be reduced by rubbing or massaging the area. Runners should also learn to master and control their breathing techniques in order to avoid the occurrence of this problem.
All other gastrointestinal problems occur primarily because of loss of water, or dehydration. This is unavoidable as the body sweats profusely while running. In order to avoid this, one should ensure that he/she drinks enough water, not just before the run, but during the entire day as well.
Water is essential for the body, and regular intake of water can solve many medical problems. Some people even experience stomach cramps after eating due to this very reason.
Limbering up, or warming up, before the run is also advisable in order to avoid bad stomach cramps. These cramps are quite common in people who avoid performing warm ups prior to the workout. Moreover, one should also avoid running on a full stomach.
In case a person is experiencing intense aches or cramps on a regular basis, he/she should visit a doctor. Maybe the condition is more severe, and the ache is just a symptom an underlying problem.