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Sprint Workouts for Weight Loss

Madhura Pandit Aug 23, 2020
Sprinting is one of the best exercises for fat loss. This story deals with the benefits of sprint workouts for weight loss and also gives information on the different types of workouts.
If you take a look at the obesity statistics, you will find that more than 5 billion people all over the world suffer from obesity; and nearly equal amount is spent on obesity related diseases. If you are amongst these 5 billion people, you need to look for ways to reduce weight before it is too late.
You must have read that obesity is one of the major causes and risk factors for several health diseases. Therefore, if you weigh above the normal required weight, you should subscribe to a weight loss program and follow it.
As I have mentioned in all my articles, there is no way to lose weight quickly than following an exercise routine. Sprint workouts are considered as one of the most effective exercises to lose weight for men and women.

Sprint Workouts to Lose Weight

It is essential to know what exactly is sprinting before actually taking a look at the exercises. Most of us use the terms running and sprinting interchangeably; which is incorrect. Running and sprinting are two different terms.
Sprinting is defined as running at very high speed for a short distance.; whereas the distance and speed in running can vary from person to person. As sprinting is usually done at top speed, the person runs using only the front of his foot or toes.
On the other hand, while running, the pressure is exerted on the heel which then rolls to the front of the foot. As sprinting is done at high speed, it requires a lot of stamina. So, how does it help in weight loss? Let us know more on it.
Sprint workouts are high intensity interval training workouts which aim at weight loss. Interval training is a type of workout where the person alternates between high intensity workout and low intensity one or rest. When you work out at a high intensity, you tend to breathe faster and have a higher heart rate.
This enhances your metabolism and you lose weight at a faster rate. In fact, as you run at a very high speed while sprinting, you can lose more than 100 calories in a very short period. One of the advantages of sprinting exercises is that these can be done outdoors as well as on the treadmill.
The following are the two most effective methods that help in a quick weight loss
  • Start by running at a normal speed and then break into a sprint, i.e., a very high speed running. Try sprinting as long as you can, but do not overexert yourself. Then slow down again and run at your normal pace. Carry out the similar process for 20-30 minutes, by alternating between normal pace running / jogging and sprinting.
  • Another aspect of interval training is sprinting and walking alternately. You can choose a 50 meter track if you are a beginner, and then progress to 100 and 200 meters track. Start by sprinting the entire 50 meters, then stop. Walk / brisk walk back to the original position. Repeat for 8-10 times.
It should be noted that a warm up should be done before any exercise to prevent injury. Secondly, you should remember to cool down your body by light jogging after sprinting, and only then rest. Light jogging and stretching are some of the best warm up and cooling down exercises.
Due to their many benefits, sprint workouts are followed by many people all over the world. Along with sprinting and other exercises, it is also essential to follow a diet in order to lose weight quickly.
Lastly, as a note of caution, it should be remembered that sprinting is a high intensity workout and it is wise to consult the doctor before doing it regularly. Take care!