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Simple but Effective Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Naomi Sarah Aug 31, 2020
A busy schedule can sometimes get in the way of a fitness routine, making it hard to get into shape. The best thing about some forms of exercise, is that they can be performed practically anyplace that you see fit. Whether at home or in the office, we've got you covered with simple but effective exercises that you can do anywhere.

The Yummy Truth

Drinking chocolate milk within an hour from working out, has been found to be more effective as a recovery drink compared to sports drinks or even water.
If you look up transformational stories on the web of people who've managed to lose a truckload of weight, at first you're sure to be flabbergasted. How did she lose all that weight? Where did he manage to get those rock-solid abs?
And then it dawns on you - maybe these guys really worked their butts off to get where they are. It's not just hard work and dedication anymore that puts you ahead of the pack, but an ironclad-will to be able to cross the finish line as a new and improved person.
Most of us lead an egregious lifestyle, where junk food and an apathetic attitude take the throne. We all want washboard abs and callipygian behinds, but the truth is, unless we really want to work for it, there's no way in hell we're going to get that kind of body.
Your aim should not be to just get there physically, but to do so in a healthy manner. That means fresh, wholesome ingredients, with a diet devoid of processed food in any form. Let's move on to exercises you can do when time permits - no matter where you are - that are easy yet effectual to help you get into shape.

Simple Exercises that You Can Do Anywhere

The confabulation of having to exercise to lose weight is not an arcane piece of advice. For those of you who strength train and religiously work out, these exercises will prove to be beneficial―you'll be revving up your metabolism at several intervals during the day, giving your body a reason to shed weight faster. Cool, right? Take a look at these exercises that we think are some of the best and easiest to do indoors or out.
Bench Push-Ups (One-Legged)
It doesn't have to be a bench, but anything that can serve as a platform to raise you off the floor.
If using one leg proves to be taxing, start off with both, before slowly learning how to depend on the strength of your arms. Your back should be rigidly straight.
Hula Hoop Exercise
For a torso like Gwyneth Paltrow's, those of you who are a little chunky around the waistline will love and enjoy this form of exercise.
It requires a certain kind of momentum to keep the hula hoop spinning, so keep trying to get it right by twirling those hips.
Jumping Jacks
Stand in an upright position, keeping your back straight and legs apart.
Begin by jumping up and down (like a Jack rabbit) while simultaneously waving your arms above your head, and matching your legs to its rhythm (X-shaped position).
Jumping Rope
This is one of the simplest exercises to perform, whether you're out in the sun or indoors.
All you need is a jump rope and a spacious area, to avoid any collisions. If you're good at jumping rope, you can try all sorts of tricks, or just stick to the basics.

Pelvic Lift

Lie down on a flat, solid surface with your arms placed by your sides.
Use your feet to do the lifting by elevating your pelvis off the floor, until it is at an incline. You can balance yourself on your toes or just plant your feet on the floor.
Standard Push-Ups
Most of us perform this exercise straight out of bed or as a warm-up routine.
Lie flat against the floor using your toes to support your lower half. Keep your elbows parallel to the floor without arching your back as you perform this exercise.
Plank Exercise
Lie face-down on the floor; place your arms at a 90° angle on either side of your head.
Using your forearms, lift your body off the floor, supporting the bottom half with your toes. Your back should be straight and stiff; hold this position for at least a minute.

Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches are a simpler, much-effective option to conventional crunches.
Place your arms against your head (wide), slightly elevate your neck (look towards the ceiling), and then draw your knees close to your chest, to and fro, without touching the floor.
Calf Exercise
You can do this exercise even while waiting in line at Starbucks. All you need to do is raise yourself using the ball of your feet for support, counting to 20 before lowering them. Repeat this until your calves burn from the strain.
Backward Kicks
Get on all fours and support your weight using your hands and one leg; lift the other leg until it is either parallel to your back or slightly higher.
Hold this position for 30 seconds before bringing it back down; gently swing it back and forth for 30 reps. Switch.
Bench Step-Ups
Don't pick a bench or surface that is too high to mount, since it can apply undue pressure on your knees.
Instead, choose a low-lying surface or one that isn't collimate to your knees. Alternate between both legs while you climb, making sure your back's straight.

Elevated Push-Ups

You'll need a surface that is considerably lower in height from your navel.
Whether it's a bed, table, or railing, choose an object that puts your body at an angle, without forcing your back to bend while you do a push-up. Support your weight by the ball of your feet.

Tricep Dips

For killer triceps, mastering this move will do you much good. Your back should be straight and rigid against the surface that your palms are placed on.
While lowering yourself to the floor, be sure not to swing away from the platform but against it.

Standard Sit-Ups

Lie down on a workout mat that is about ½ an inch thick, to avoid straining your lower back.
Have someone place their hands on your feet, so that you aren't pulling yourself up by using your lower-back muscles; your abdominal muscles should help you rise.
Neck Exercise
This exercise move is performed countless times during yoga sessions to ease tensed, taut muscles in the neck.
Place one arm over the side of your head and gently tilt it towards the crook of your arm. Keep your shoulders relaxed and maintain a straight posture.


Place one foot forward while extending the other; support your weight on the ball of your rear foot.
Keep your back straight while slowly moving downwards until your front leg is parallel to the floor. Remain straight to avoid placing pressure on the front knee.

Where to Perform These Exercises

We suggest traversing the outdoors to find a great spot to do these exercises, like the park, beach, backyard, or even a sports stadium. A space that is secluded, tranquil, and devoid of pollution in any form, should ideally be your go-to location.
These exercises can also be done at your abode whilst you cook, clean, or do the laundry. Even when you're sprawled in front of the idiot box, you can perform an exercise during the commercial break―it'll give you a couple of minutes to do an exercise per intermission.
While at the office, you can definitely perform some of these exercises to give your body a mini workout post a heavy meal. We recommend keeping an exercise ball at the office to perform some nifty exercise moves when no one's looking. Take advantage of benches, staircases, or any area that can be of assistance for an exercise move.
With these fat-busting exercise moves, you can be sure to notice the results in the near future. While these workouts are great, we would love it if you carried some light weights with you while exercising outdoors.
It'll add definition to your body as you shed the extra pounds, where increasing the weights you carry will be a huge bonus. Things you can take with you outdoors? Dumbbells, exercise ball, resistance band, ankle weights, jump rope, yoga mat, and even kettlebells. Alternate between the aforementioned exercises to give your body a head-to-toe workout.