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Sauna Suit Dangers

The ill effects of sauna suits are visible with excessive usage of the same. They cause some of the life-threatening effects on the health of the user that one must be aware of. Read on.
Rutuja Jathar Jul 17, 2020
Typically, sauna is actually a small room made for people to experience both dry and wet heat sessions, and the word 'sauna' actually means 'unusually hot' or humid environment. It is really one of the most relaxing things one can ever indulge his body in.
To get the feel of the real sauna and that too, in a lesser amount of time, the invention of sauna suits took place. As one of the effective means of workout, these suits are becoming the newest rage amongst the fitness crazy people.
There are many pros and cons of the sauna suits, which users must be aware of, especially to minimize the risks associated with them. Selecting the wrong type of suit and using it in the incorrect manner, can really create some irreversible damage to the health of its user. As a result, one must take all kinds of precautions to avoid the risks.


Sauna suits are designed to mimic the benefits of actual sauna. Made of nylon or rubberized vinyl, these suits are sometimes found to be made of plastic as well.
When a person wears the suit, all the heat expelled from the body gets trapped inside the suit, and the person sweats a lot. This is the reason why they are also called 'sauna sweating suits'. Heavy sweating helps the person lose weight. This suit is one of the fastest ways to lose weight, and hence they are mostly preferred by boxers and other athletes.
Heating and sweating that is caused by using the sauna suits actually helps the person in detoxification and removal of impurities from the body. They are one of the cheapest options available for costly infrared dry sauna sessions.
Sweating or removal of excess water from the body also has many other benefits including increase in the rate of metabolism, rate of blood circulation, cure from conditions like bloating, and fat loss.


In spite of the health benefits, there are certain dangers that are actually avoidable if the user is aware of how to use a sauna suit.
This suits trap the heat and sweat generated due to exercising, which in turn overheats the body. This overheating of the body leads to excessive sweating, which in turn leads to dehydration. Excessive dehydration can lead to heat stroke and severe water deficiency in the body. Heat stroke is the resultant of massive increase in the core body temperature.
Loss of electrolytes is also one of the strong dangers. Due to sauna suits, the process of losing electrolytes gets faster than normal, which is actually harmful and can cause serious damage to the kidneys of the user, leading to kidney failure.
Along with these, there are several reported cases of heart attacks, fainting, unconsciousness, weakness, and loss of energy that could well be counted as a danger.


Some of the risks can be minimized by bringing a few healthy things into your routine. First thing that one can do is to stop preferring the sauna suit to other healthy weight loss methods, which are undoubtedly safer and more effective methods.
Having a healthy and balanced diet, plenty of exercise, and having a healthy lifestyle are some of the easier and safer ways to lose weight fast. Those of you who are still not convinced, make sure to drink plenty of water and have plenty of other fluids after you are done with your exercise routine.
Be careful not to exceed the workout and exercise time in extremely hot temperatures. Always make sure to stop the exercise if you feel drowsy, dizzy, or lightheaded with headache. In such cases, get out of the suit and try to cool down your body.
There are other better ways to lose weight, rather than falling for the fancy sauna suits. Practicing the given solutions can definitely keep all the risks at bay.
Disclaimer: The information provided here is solely for educating the reader and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.