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Running Shoes for Supinators

Stephen Rampur Aug 24, 2020
If you want to know about running shoes for supinators, you would first need to understand the condition known as supination.
Supination is a condition that is normally found in 20% to 30% of individuals. If a wet foot is positioned on a paper, it would display the arch of the foot. If the arch is high, the condition is known as supination. This condition takes place when the ankle joint rolls out of the foot when you are in motion.
If a person has this peculiarity, it would seem as if he is standing, walking, running and jogging using the sides of the foot. Inordinate supination is a primary cause of ankle sprain which includes a twist of the ankle joint in an incorrect way by falling or by injury.
Generally, in supination, the ligaments of the ankle are affected, which leads to swelling, internal bleeding, pain in the foot, and makes it difficult to walk. If proper shoes are not used for sports, heel pain and back pain may also be experienced.

Prevention of Supination

If you are an athlete and want to prevent the occurrence of supination, it is recommended to allow the foot to have sufficient rest, undergo ice massage therapy, put compression bandage and elevate the ankle on pillows.
The main prevention technique is to use good quality running shoes. You can choose shoes which have a semi-rigid shank to provide strength to the muscles. Appropriate inner soles can also be used to adjust the ankle support.
To prevent supination, it is suggested to stretch the foot thoroughly prior to and after performing athletic activities. While walking, you can use heel wedges to preclude the ankle from rolling out.
Thus, this condition can certainly be avoided by using running shoes for supinators. These shoes contain an extra room for the toes which contributes to prevention of supination.

Characteristics of Shoes for Supinators

The synthetic mesh and leather upper renders sufficient lightweight comfort and support to the foot. The total weight of these shoes is reduced and the stability web in them contributes to superior midfoot support. They soften and absorb the shock of foot stride after stride.
They consist of the TPU post that is placed on their inner side, which is intended to control overpronation. The TPU on the outer side of these shoes controls the supination, also known as underpronation.
These shoes have a solid rubber outsole, which makes them very durable. They also have a secure and easy closing feature, using the hook and loop closure functionality.
The full grain leather upper largely contributes to their comfort and breathing capability. Their durability padding and stability is a result of the polyurethane and EVA encap mid-sole. Running shoes for supinators adjust any deficient roll on the inner heel after the foot lands on the ground.
If you have this condition, your shoes will show wear on their outer edges. If you are an athlete and using the wrong pair of shoes, there is a possibility of you experiencing Achilles Tendinitis.
Generally, a specialty running shop has trained sales personnel to examine and determine the way your foot rolls as you walk. If you are thinking of online shopping, online stores have detailed guides to aid you in examining your style of walk.