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Ringing in the Ears After Exercise

Rujuta Borkar Aug 22, 2020
Have you ever experienced a ringing in the ears after exercise and wondering why that happens and what one is supposed to do about the same? In the following story, we will try to understand about the same.
Usually, the gym session used to leave me all energetic. I'd love the way my face would flush a great shade of red, the way my calves used to feel all toned and strong and the general energy that would course through.
What a high, what a high. Wait a minute, what was that 'usually' doing in there? OK so while an exercise session is supposed to get you all sweaty and send high courses of energy coursing through your body, sometimes, that's not how it happens. It might as well happen, but it might also be accompanied by several other factors.
Like what? Like ringing in the ears after exercise. Have you ever experienced that? It'll start off as a feeling of vacuum and then take over as a feeling like there's a constant drone and ringing in one or both ears. Ever noticed that?
Why does this make way after an exercise session? What is the connection between the two and how is one to go about preventing and treating it? All this and more will follow in the following sections.

Ringing in Ears After Exercise - The Connection

So it happens. But, why and how does it happen? In medical terms, the condition of 'ringing in ears' is known as tinnitus. This is exactly how it sound - there is a feeling of ringing in the ears accompanied by a hissing, roaring or a thudding sound. The degree of the ringing can range from mild to intense.
Along with that, there could be several other symptoms that make way as well, like pain and ear pressure. Let us understand the connection of ringing in ears after exercise in more detail in the following section.

Increased Blood Flow

When one exercises, it leads to certain changes in the body. You'll notice that the heart will start beating harder, one will sweat, the skin will start to flush and several other changes will come by. Any physical activity forces the heart to beat harder, take in more oxygen and thereby expel high levels of blood to all parts of the body.
It is primarily due to this reason that the ringing comes about. When there is excess blood being distributed throughout the body, it sometimes goes to areas where it is not required in such high amounts. In such a case, the body will react by producing a ringing sound.


The only way in which this can be prevented is if you take all the necessary measures to prevent any exertion during the exercise session. Make sure that you pace yourself and have done all the necessary warm up exercises. Do not jump start into a heavy duty session.
That will only put extreme pressure on the heart and effects like chest pain, labored breathing, ringing and pressure in the ears as well as other health conditions will make way. Eat something before exercising and continue to sip water at regular intervals.

Infections and Colds

The ear, nose and throat are connected. When there is a problem in one of the parts, it usually affects the other. In such a way, when there is an infection in the nose or the throat, there can be problems in the ears as well.
If one is suffering from a cold or a cough and there is an infection in the throat, it can lead to ringing in the ears as a direct effect of the same. With exercises, this ringing is triggered and becomes more intense because there is added pressure put on the ears with so much activity. Along with that there is also an increase in the blood flow to the ear.


Treat the infection and colds and the ringing in the ear will stop just as well. This is one of the pretty simple tinnitus remedies.

Head and Neck Injuries

Another major cause that can lead to ringing in ears after an exercise session is when there are injuries in the neck and/or head. These will usually lead to ringing in either ears, but at times the injury is quite severe and therefore, it can lead to ringing in both ears.


This condition is serious and requires that you take immediate action for the same. Have a checkup done and make sure that it is OK for you to be exercising in the first place or whether it is putting way too much pressure on your system.

Side Effect of Medication

It has been noticed that there are certain medication forms that can lead to one main side effect in the form of ringing in ears. With exercises it can only worsen.


If you find that there are certain medication forms that are causing the ears to ring, then you need to consult your doctor and get the medication brand or the type changed to a different kind.

Loud Music

If one exercises to the beats of very loud music while exercising, it can affect the quality of the hearing and produce a ringing sensation in the ears. Though this should not last for long, yet, with continuous usage, it could become a health condition.


One has to make a conscious effort to keep the music on very moderate or low levels. It is recommended that the volume should be around half of the total volume of the music piece. As far as possible, do not use speakers while exercising and try to use music on an external player, this will ensure least stress on the ears.
A reading of this article will have given you an idea of the varied reasons that could be behind the aspect of ringing in the ears after an exercise session. This will help you determine the cause and thereby find the solution for the same.
Make sure that if the ringing comes about every time you exercise and lasts for a long time, you need to consult an ENT doctor and get a proper checkup and treatment plan done.