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Rebounding Exercises for Weight Loss

Aastha Dogra Jul 24, 2020
The story outlines some fun rebounding exercises for weight loss. Incorporate them in your routine and see the fats melting away from your body. Read on...
Many of us find the regular exercises like walking, jogging or swimming, a bit boring. We do not have the time to join a gym and exercise under a trained professional.
So, what kind of exercises a person can do at home itself, which will be as effective as the ones he gets to do in a gym, plus will not become boring after a while, like walking and jogging do?
 Well, the answer lies in rebounding exercises! Yes! Rebounders, the mini trampolines, are not just about fun and frolic. They can be made a part of your exercise routine too and can help immensely in your fitness goals, especially weight loss!

Effective Rebounding Exercises

Bouncing and Jogging

Bouncing is the simplest of all the rebounding exercises. To do it correctly, stand in the middle of the rebounder, with your feet shoulder-width apart and start bouncing. Begin this exercise very gently and as you are able to balance yourself properly, start bouncing harder.
The more you bend your knees, the more you will be able to bounce harder. However, take care not to lift your feet a way too much, as it can disbalance you.
To make this exercise even more effective, make it strenuous by starting to jog at one place. Research has shown that bouncing and jogging on a rebounder have the same effect on the body as running on a treadmill and contributes immensely to weight loss.

Twisting and Jumping

Start with jumping on the mini trampoline gently. When you are able to maintain the right balance, twist your knees from side to side, without moving your upper body.
Now, alternate between twists and jumps, by first of all jumping ten times, followed by twisting ten times. Repeat this routine as long as you can comfortably. Twisting and jumping together is an excellent rebounding workout.


How about spicing up your exercise routine, by adding a few dance routines to it? Start with jumping at one place, with your legs completely joined. Slowly and slowly, as you gain momentum, aim to jump higher. If you are able to maintain your balance while jumping, when you are in the air, bring your legs as close as you can to your chest.
However, take care to land safely on the rebounder, without causing any kind of stress to your leg joints. Carry on this routine for 20 to 30 jumps. You may increase the number as you gain stamina.
Another fun dance-like exercise routine that you can incorporate is to start jumping with your feet held together and then slowly and slowly, increasing the distance between them, while continuing jumping at the same time. Once your feet are apart, again bring them back together, carrying on the same jumping routine.

Things to Remember:

  • You should exercise on a rebounder for at least half an hour, three times a week, if you want to lose weight.
  • While working out, play some good music as it will keep you charged.
  • Once you have made a routine of exercising, to make the workout strenuous, add free weights. So, hold weights in your hands, while jumping or bouncing on the rebounder, to increase the intensity of the exercise. Ankle weights will further add to the effectiveness of your exercise routine.
  • Besides aiding in weight loss, it helps to make the joints in legs and knees stronger.
  • According to researches, a thirty minute session of rebounding exercises, makes the body lose up to 120 calories.
By doing these simple exercises on a daily basis, you can certainly lose a good amount of weight within months.
However, if you are really serious about your weight loss goals, you need to start taking a balanced, healthy diet and give up on fast foods, oily and high sugar foods, drink a gallon of water everyday and sleep for seven to eight hours, to relax yourself and remain stress-free.
If you are able to do this, plus make a routine of exercising everyday, there are no two ways that you will be fit and fine in a couple of months time!