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Pull-Ups Exercise

Kalpana Kumari
Pull-ups are a bit tough to perform, but the benefits you derive by doing it on a regular basis are worth all the effort. Read on, to gather some information on this exercise.
Pull-ups are mostly a part of bodybuilding and military training regimen. To do it, you need to pull your body upward while gripping a raised bar. You need to grip the bar with an overhand grip.
The style of gripping makes it different from chin ups which involves an underhand grip. By doing this exercise, you strengthen the muscles of the upper part of the body. The following account tells you about its innumerable benefits and some basic instructions on how to perform it.

Benefits of Pull-Ups

By performing pull-ups on a regular basis, you will benefit in a number of ways. To start with, pull-ups make you lift your own body weight. This exerts stress on your body, particularly the upper portion. As a result, muscles on your arms, shoulders and back are built.
With time, muscles present on the body undergoing stress are strengthened and toned. Secondly, pull-ups improve your gripping and pulling ability. Thirdly, they are an excellent strength building exercise. Also, as they increase the heart-rate and hence, are effective as a cardiovascular exercise as well.

How to do Pull-Ups

Here are the basic instructions to perform pull-ups for women as well as men. Set a pull up bar at a height that you can jump and grab, with your feet hanging free. Stand below it. Keep your hands, shoulder width apart. Jump and grip the pull up bar. Use an overhand grip over the pull up bar.
You can balance your body well by bending your knees and crossing the ankles. Once you feel stable in this position, try to pull yourself up. Your chin should be in level with the pull up bar. Stay in this position for about a second. Lower your body down such that your elbows become straight. This step completes one count of pull-ups.
Try to perform it to a count of 5 in the beginning. You may find it a bit tough but regular practice is the key. A tip on pull-ups is to move through the entire movement slowly and with controlled motion. Do not over strain yourself or you will end up with some upper body injury.
Pull-ups are the best workout for muscle building. You will certainly obtain a number of health benefits by including it in your fitness regimen. Since it strains the body a lot, you must consult your doctor before doing this exercise. You can ask a fitness expert for a routine that suits your medical condition.