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Proper Gym Etiquette for Beginners

Zini Mehta Feb 21, 2020
Even at a gym- where people are sweating and grunting, some basic etiquette need to be followed. If you do not want to be remembered as 'that uncivilized guy/ gal', read on to learn about the proper gym etiquette that needs to be followed.
When there are group of sweaty people put in a small space, there are bound to be some issues. There are no written rules as such to explain how one should behave in the gym, but there are some unsaid rules that need to be followed. Here is a list of proper gym etiquette that every beginner and regular gym goer must be familiar with.

Clean up Equipment Once You're Done

This is one simple rule that most people seem to forget. No one wants to walk into a puddle of someone's sweat. So make sure to take a minute or two to wipe the machine.
Carry a gym towel with you, to cover machines that you use, apart from being polite it will also help you to be dry.

Leave it Where you Found It

It's bad etiquette to use dumbbells and leave them on the floor, always put it back on the rack. Similarly, if you remove weights, put it back in the designated spot.
It's not cool to leave a trail of equipment on the floor, people might trip and fall.

Unload the Weight Bar

Not everyone can lift the same amount of weight as you, so be kind enough to leave a bar empty after using it. The person who comes after you may not have the strength or will to clean up.
This does not apply only to heavy lifters, even if you are using a 15 pound plate, you still need to clear the bar once you are done.

Share the Machines

The machines and equipment belong to everyone; be kind enough to adhere to the time limit set by the gym, especially if people are waiting.
If the gym is empty, you can stay on a machine for as long as you like. Do not leave your towel on a machine and walk away, someone else is going to be using it by the time you return.

Keep Your Advice to Yourself

There are instructors in gyms to give instructions and no one wants someone interfering and giving them suggestions.
Even if you're asked for help, don't give advice unless you're sure. Someone could get injured because of your misleading advice.

Do not Stare

The most important gym etiquette for men - do not stare at girls, unless you want to be labeled as 'the pervert'. It's perfectly natural to notice someone with a fabulous body, but restrict it to a glance. The mirrors all around are meant to help you with your posture and equipment, and not to ogle women.

Lower your Volume

A gym is a community place, where you need to respect other people's peace. Leave your cell phone in the locker; it's fine to talk to people while working out, but avoid screaming and laughing loudly.
If someone has headphones, get the hint, they are not interested in talking. Also, refrain from constant grunting, it's like telling people 'look at me'.

Dress Appropriately

Wear clean and loose clothes that give you enough space to move. The last thing you want in a gym is a wardrobe malfunction, so tone it down a little. Moreover, lycra, spandex and wool knits irritate your skin while working out.

Tie your Hair

Gym etiquette rules for men and women with long hair - tie it up. If you leave your hair open, you will be spattering sweat on people around you. Use a hair band or a rubber band and tie it up neatly. Respect others space and prevent splashing sweat.

Maintain Personal Hygiene

No matter what, do not forget to use a deodorant. Also, make sure you wash your clothes after every workout. Come to the gym showered and take a shower once your done with your workout, unless you want people gagging around you.

Ask for Help

If you do not know how to use a machine, do not hesitate to ask for help. It is very easy to get injured, if you do not have sufficient knowledge about a machine or an equipment.
Also ask the gym instructor for help and not someone who is busy working out. If you know nothing about the machines, ask the instructor for information.

And finally

Do not treat the locker room like your personal bathroom. Just like equipment are for everyone so is the bathroom. It's very rude to take unusually long in the shower when there are a lot of people waiting outside. Also, remove all your supplies from the bathroom, when you're done.
At every community place, you are expected to follow certain rules. If you are going for a spa, there are certain spa etiquette that you must adhere to, same is the case with the gym. Even if you feel this is your own little space, remember that others are also using that space. It's simple, enjoy your workout session and let others enjoy theirs!