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Most Common Workout Mistakes

Divya Bichu Aug 28, 2020
Your exercise regime is not giving you the desired result, is it? Probably you are making some of the most common workout mistakes that might be hampering your progress. So, here we break down the ten most common fitness mistakes, you might want to take a look at ... and avoid.
Although exercising is good for the mind, body and soul, sometimes it can prove dangerous due to incorrect methods of exercise that we practice. Thus, it is important to avoid common errors in order to maximize your workout regime and reap maximum benefits. However, you have to first know the common mistakes one usually commits, to overcome them. Read on.
Sometimes, it is frustrating to see no real results after regular sweat sessions. You have a friend who exercises less than you, eats more than you, and still keeps himself fit and lean. This is because such people look for quality more than quantity.
They believe in exercising with the correct technique and take efforts to get it right, instead of concentrating on lifting more weights and going in for an extra rep. A combination of a perfect diet and a correct exercise regime is what it takes to give you desired results.

Common Workout Mistakes

Mistake #1: Exercising once in a while...

Explanation: Call them weekend warriors! Most people hit the gym only once or twice a week, and make up for the entire week by working hard on that day. Is it right?
If you skip lunch and breakfast, do you have an extra meal along with dinner to make up for not eating in the morning? Sounds stupid, right? Only if you exercise consistently and religiously, will it give you desired results, else you will just be wearing out yourself out.

Mistake #2: Skipping your warm ups...

Explanation: One very serious yet common mistake that most gym-goers commit. Not their fault, this fast-paced life demands it. You reach the gym only to realize you are late and what better than skipping your warm up routine and getting straight to doing some "serious" exercise.
Without a proper warm up, you might injure muscles and pay a penalty for it instead. Warm ups stretch your muscles and get them ready for intense exercise, hence they are considered to be an integral part of your workout regime.

Mistake #3: Avoiding cool down after a workout session

Explanation: As soon as the timer on their treadmill dings, most people head to the shower, rather than waiting for their heart rate to return to normal. By avoiding a proper cool down session, you are making yourself more vulnerable to injuries. Incorporate some relaxation techniques in your workout session to reduce the risk of injuries.
Failure to hydrate yourself can lead to feeling fatigued, and may result in cramping. This is not all, sometimes it may even make you feel giddy and may lead to sudden muscle failure while lifting weights.

Mistake #4: Not keeping yourself hydrated...

Explanation: Plenty of fluids before and during the workout is a necessity. While you are exercising, body fluids get exhausted and have to be replenished for the body to perform at its optimum level.

Mistake #5: Practicing wrong technique...

Explanation: Following a poor form of exercise not only slows down your results, but also results in torn muscles, tendons and can give rise to severe back problems.
Arching your back while doing bench presses, doing a deadlift with a rounded back and bending too far and forward while performing squats, are few of the common errors most people make while performing these respective exercises.

Mistake #6: Lifting too much weight too fast...

Explanation: Remember, sometimes more is not always better. To avoid injuries use of correct weights is very essential. An appropriate weight can be defined as one that allows controlled speed for the number of reps, without interrupting the technique.
Using the correct weight can keep potential injuries, pain and soreness of muscles away. Moreover, a gradual increase in weights is a far more effective and safe way to increase muscle strength.

Mistake #7: Not concentrating on your breathing technique...

Explanation: Did you know the main essence of any form of exercise is concentrating on your breathing technique? People tend to take breathing for granted, however synchronize your breathing according to the form of exercise.
This will not only feed your muscles fresh oxygen each time but also allow you to keep up to your intensity of workout. Consult your personal trainer or coach to learn the proper breathing technique during a workout.

Mistake #8: Wander aimlessly...

Explanation: Most people hit the gym out of compulsion and not out of choice. These people walk leisurely on the treadmill, lift weights that are so light that they don't break a sweat, take long breaks and aimlessly wander in and around the gym.
If you want serious results, you should perform serious exercise. Once you start exercising with a real purpose you are sure to get the results you're working for.

Mistake #9: Not stretching...

Explanation: To allow a proper range of motion around the joints, it is important that everyone exercising should spend sometime flexing their muscles and stretching. Neglecting this part of your workout will inevitably lead to pain in your back, shoulders and neck. Stretching also increases flexibility, elasticity, and reaffirms comfortable muscle tone.

Mistake #10: Following a monotonous exercise regime...

Explanation: The very reason most people avoid going to the gym is due to monotonous exercise regime. One can get bored by following the same workout regime every day and there is nothing wrong with it. However, you cannot quit exercising just because it is boring.
Chalk out a workout regime that excites you, or rather, motivates you to exercise. Include running, dancing, hiking, and cycling in your workout plan. You will not get bored, and give your best.
If you are knowingly or unknowingly committing any of these mistakes, make sure you rectify them before it is too late. Another important aspect is to monitor your diet while working out. A combination of a perfect diet plan and workout regime can give you amazing results!