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Mini Trampoline Workout

Start with a mini trampoline workout routine today and jump your way to good health, literally! Here are some easy and enjoyable mini trampoline exercises. Read on.
Rohit Bandri Mar 4, 2020
For those who are not familiar with a mini trampoline, it is a circular shaped trampoline with a diameter not more than one meter. Used for physical exercises, these trampolines have a lesser rebound as compared to the larger-sized trampolines.
Although, a mini trampoline workout is an indoor activity, it should be performed in a large area with enough space around you when you stand on the trampoline. Also, there should be a large space over your head, so that your hands don't touch the ceiling even during a jump.
Although, some people prefer doing the exercises on a trampoline barefoot, it is wiser to wear nonslippery and comfortable shoes to avoid any sort of injury.

Mini Trampoline Exercises

Before starting with the main exercises, warm-up for a few minutes in order to get in sync with the bounce of the mini trampoline. Also, do a quick check of the trampoline before starting with the workout. Following is a list of some of the exercises.

Beginner's Bounce

First, stand in the middle of the trampoline keeping your feet slightly apart from each other. Now start bouncing slowly without raising your feet from the trampoline. Take the support of a nearby structure or any heavy object to keep your balance in the beginning.
Once you get comfortable with the bounce, start lifting your feet a little bit, every time you bounce on the trampoline. Soon you will be jumping with joy.

Beginner's Walk

Start bouncing slowly on the trampoline. Now gently lift your heels alternately and simultaneously swing your arms, like you would while walking.

Beginner's Jog

This exercise is quite similar to the beginner's walk, only you must raise your feet by a few centimeters alternately and move your arms as you would while jogging.

Toe and Heel Bounce

With your feet placed together, stand in the middle of the mini trampoline and start the beginner's bounce, only this time, place your left foot forward while touching your heel against the surface of the trampoline and slowly raise your left hand as you jump.
Now repeat this procedure for the right foot. This exercise is a part of the Billy Blanks' Tae Bo routine.

Jumping Bounce

Placing your feet slightly apart and your hands on top of your head, begin bouncing on the trampoline. This is a good exercise for the joints.


With toes pointing forward, start jumping as you move your feet back and forth across the trampoline. Also, lift your feet slightly as you jump and move your arms in synchronization with the opposite legs.

Knee Bounce

In this mini trampoline exercise, start like you did for the beginner's jog but this time, lift your knees higher than usual and touch them with the opposite hand each time you do it. Do this alternately for each leg.

Bicycle Crunch

Rest your back on the trampoline and use your hands to support your head, with elbows spread out wide and knees bent at right angles. Stretch your right leg while bending your left leg further.
Now bring your right elbow towards your left knee without bending your shoulder. You must feel the pressure on your abs while doing this. Follow the same procedure for the other leg.

U Crunch

Rest on your back and raise your legs upwards till they point towards the ceiling while keeping your hands placed on the chest. You can bend your knees a little while your shoulders must lift a bit off the trampoline as you get in this position. Hold this position for a while before coming down.

Seated Jumps

Place your bottom on the trampoline and bounce on it. Bend your elbows for balancing yourself while bouncing.

Knee Twisting

With your knees slightly bent, stand on the trampoline and keep the elbows at shoulder height as you begin jumping. Twist your knees towards right and left alternately after you jump each time. Ensure that you are looking forward while you jump. Twist your knees using only your hips and only when you are in the air.

Back Kick

Stand in the middle of the trampoline, take support and lean a bit forward. In this position, kicking the legs behind you, is enough to lift buttocks and strengthen lower back portion.

Front Kick

Occupy the center of trampoline and place a hand on the support. Lean a bit backward and kick your right leg out in the front. This exercise targets the abdominal muscle groups. It is more useful, if you keep on changing the angle of body in between kicks.
Doing these mini trampoline exercises can be a great fun but you must ensure that you don't overpronate. If you feel pain in your ankles or knees immediately after performing these exercises, it indicates that you have overpronated. This can affect many parts of the body including feet, shins, knees and even ankles.
However, if performed appropriately, a mini trampoline workout can be very beneficial for the lymphatic system of the body. It also helps to speed up the overall metabolism of the body and improves the muscle tone.
Be very attentive while doing the exercises on the trampoline, even if you are an adult. A wrong angle of landing or momentary inattention can make you fall. When your child gets on trampoline to do exercises, be present by the trampoline to avoid any sorts of injury.