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The Ultimate Military Boot Camp Workout

Shashank Nakate
Military boot camp workout routines are useful for those who want to attain a fit body in quick time. A rigorous training schedule and strict supervision are few things that one should expect while performing these workouts.
Military boot camp workouts have become popular in recent times. Civilians, instead of choosing regular aerobic routines or gym workouts, are opting for different types of boot camp exercises.
Many training centers and fitness studios too are arranging for these exercises. The different exercises included in these routines together help in working out the entire body. The difference between these workouts and other forms of exercises is that intensity is greater in the former.

Military Boot Camp Exercises

In these workouts, the body is pushed to its limit. These exercises are one of the best ways to attain fitness levels quickly.


The running test involves covering a distance of 2 miles as quickly as possible. This exercise helps candidates pass the Army Physical Fitness test. It is recommended to alternately run and walk before being able to master this.

Push Ups

This exercise is performed to build the biceps, triceps, and the upper body. The important thing to remember while performing push ups is to maintain the body in a straight line (from the nose till the toes).
The body is lowered and then taken upwards with the force of the arms. Instead of placing the knees on the floor, one can keep them in an elevated position (for example, on a chair) to make the workout a bit harder.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is one of the best aerobic workouts performed in boot camps. To perform this exercise, stand with the feet close together. Then jump and move your feet apart, simultaneously swinging the hands outwards, or stretching them out at the sides or above the head.
The next step is to bring your feet and hands back to their original position. Perform at least 20 repetitions of this exercise.

Pull Ups

This workout is useful to strengthen the arms, shoulders, and the back. A horizontal bar is required to perform this exercise. The initial position to perform a pull up is that in which the body hangs with the support of the hands, while the arms are fully extended.
The exercise is performed by raising the body upwards to a point where the chin gets over the bar. It is the act of pulling up the body, with the arms bending at the elbows. At the beginning, it may not be possible to perform more than 1-2 pull ups, however, gradually the muscular strength increases to make the workout easy.

Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts are actually a set of exercises like sit-ups, running in place, and two forms (push-ups and jumping jacks) mentioned earlier. Calories and fats can be burned quickly with these workouts. The workouts should help in giving the body a complete exercise.
Performing these workout routines regularly is one of the best ways to maintain fitness levels. Unlike other forms of workouts, military boot camp workouts are performed under strict supervision. After struggling a bit in the initial phases, one can easily fit into these plans and routines in order to attain a healthy and fit body.