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Manage Your Stress By Exercising

A comprehensive guide on how exercise can be used to manage your stress levels!
William Brown


It is no secret that exercise is a great way to relieve stress. The first step is just to get out and to begin.  Any form of exercise can relieve stress. Whether it is walking on the beach, yoga or weight training, exercise does wonders for the body.

Before we start, let’s have a look at the intricate connection between exercise and stress management.

Stress Relief

Physical activity immediately lifts your mood as it pumps endorphins in your brain. You instantly feel pumped up with a pep in your step. Stress and sleeplessness or insomnia are also linked.

Once you’ve started exercising regularly, you will come to realize that you will sleep better too. Exercise can be seen as a form of meditation.


You might think exercise is tough but depending on what you do, it can actually be relaxing. It lowers the symptoms associated with anxiety and mild depression. Exercise can take many forms, going on a camping trip or doing some odd jobs like installing a nice bike rack.

You feel better and more in tune with your body and you will feel more balanced overall.

Before You Start

It is always important to consult your doctor before you start with any type of exercise. If you have certain ailments or back pain, you might want to look into inversion therapy. There are a lot of benefits regarding inversion therapy; it reduces back pain immensely.

It's important to talk to your doctor to establish a routine that would suit your needs.
Remember, don’t try and run a marathon when you haven’t done any exercise before, build up your routine gradually, you can really injure yourself if you try and overdo it.

Make Time

Life comes at you fast and the next thing you know you might have gone weeks without exercising. You have to make time in your busy schedule for your routine. Whether it’s a 30-minute walk during your lunch break or getting up an hour earlier to go to the gym.

It is important to be accountable and to make it a priority.

Buddy Up

Exercising or going to the gym with a friend is much more rewarding than going at it alone. Getting a friend to start exercising with you is really important for accountability. A friend will help you stay committed and will also motivate you. Set goals together with your gym buddy and try and reach them together.


Remember to breathe! Shallow and erratic breathing is a common occurrence when you are dealing with anxiety and stress. Try meditation and slow deep breathing when you are exercising.

You will immediately start feeling more relaxed and in control.

Stay Healthy

Exercise reduces not only stress levels which can cause illness; it can also reduce blood pressure and improve your overall health. Remember to stay hydrated and drink lots of water during and after an exercise session. 

Remember to enjoy it too. Find joy and excitement about the fact that you are getting healthier each day!

Exercise As You Age

Many people believe that the older you get, the more you need to slow down and not do any strenuous activities but this is not entirely the case. It is very important to stay active when you are getting older as it can help you manage your symptoms if you are sick and lowers the risk of dementia, high blood pressure, etc.
Exercise and strength training with dumbbells strengthens your bones and improves your balance. There is a misconception for the elderly that they should not exercise but on the contrary, you are never too old to start!

All you need to do is start with gentle activities and work your way up to more effective and strenuous activities.

Make Exercising Fun

There are so many ways you can start exercising and without it even feeling like exercise. Taking a long walk along the beach is good for your soul or walking your dog is not the only exercise for you but your dog too!

You can meet likeminded people and make new friends if you join a hiking club or yoga class. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks as well!

Last Word

Exercise is a free and easy way to deal with stress. Managing your stress with exercise will improve every aspect of your life and you will generally be more happy and healthy! Use these tips to improve your health and wellbeing!