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Long Distance Running Tips

Indrajit Deshmukh Jul 22, 2020
If you are someone who likes to jog through the city or would like to take part in the next marathon, these tips will help you get ready for it.
Many of us do not run competitively, yet take our running seriously. It is the best cardiovascular exercise that one can get, and it is also the most inexpensive, because all you need is a pair of running shoes. The hamstring and quadriceps are the strongest muscles in our body and they become even stronger due to this activity. Running in your local park or track gives immense pleasure because it helps release endorphins which stimulate pleasure in the brain.

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Running in your local park or track gives immense pleasure because it helps release endorphins which stimulate pleasure in the brain.
It does not matter if you planning to run a 5k or 10k race, because, if you do not have proper planning and training, the chances of you completing the race are very slim.
The sense of satisfaction that you will get after achieving your goal cannot be explained in words. Before you throw caution to the wind and start running, have a look at these training tips.
• Apparel is an important aspect which should not be ignored. Wear clothes that suit the terrain and weather conditions in your area. Spandex shorts and a casual T-Shirt, are an all time favorite. If the climatic conditions are cold, remember to wear a sweat shirt and a cap to cover your ears. This will prevent the heat from escaping your body.
  • Choose shoes which offer comfort, traction, and are durable, as you plan to run for a long distance in them. Pick shoes with soles that support the terrain you plan to run on.
  • Set realistic goals, you will feel motivated to do better when you achieve them. If you set unrealistic goals you are more likely to discontinue running, when you don't achieve them. Motivate yourself before you start your daily run, by looking at an athlete's poster, or imagine yourself at the finish line.
  • Run the same distance for a few weeks before you slowly start to increase the distance. It is vital that you do not burn yourself out in the first week of training. Let your body adjust to one distance before you increase it.
  • Long distance running and jogging can becoming boring at times, therefore, include variations in your run. You can try changing your pace, course, or try hill running which is good to build strength. Do not increase your pace too much, as this may lead to injuries and fatigue.
  • Drink enough water as it keeps your body from overheating and dehydration. Some energy drinks are great as they provide your body with lost nutrients and electrolytes. Some runners carry a small backpack with water, energy drinks, along with some snacks.
  • After a strenuous workout do remember to give your body rest, it is one of the most ignored parts of training. Our bodies need rest to regain the energy we have lost in our previous workouts. Avoid late nights, and if you can't skip the office party, do not run the next day, you will cause more harm than good, by overexerting yourself.
  • A runners diet is also important, so remember to include carbohydrates, nuts, berries, and milk products in your meals. Load up on the proteins found in chicken and fish. Having a pre-run snack is also important, so, eat a fruit to get some extra energy.
Remember to pace yourself, do not run flat-out you might exhaust yourself before the finish. The right attitude will take you a long way in finishing the race, and remember to snack up an hour and half before the race. You can have a bowl of cereal and a banana before the race.