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Kickboxing Drills

Niharika Arya
Although kickboxing originated in Asia, it has always been loved by the American countries. Kickboxing drills not only give you good health but are also best known techniques for self defense. Let's know more about this form of martial art.
Kickboxing was introduced in 1950s' by Japanese boxing promoter Osamu Noguchi. It is a mixture of martial art and boxing. As it is a combination of Muay Thai, a martial art from Thailand and Karate, it has a perfect blend of kicks and punches.
Kickboxing techniques are very similar to Muay Thai techniques. It is quite famous in the American nations and is very commonly used in exercises and workout routines. Kickboxing drills are very well-known for their amazing effects on health. Its techniques can be used for self-defense purposes.
For a perfect workout, kickboxing drills are considered to be the most preferred ones. You can learn the techniques and can practice them with fun. With these drills you can burn lots of calories. Cardio kickboxing drills are very famous amongst all.
It does not involve any physical contact as it is done only for the beneficial results. Drill for exercise is different from training drills.
In exercise, you can burn calories but when you prepare for a proper kickboxing fight, you need to concentrate on the techniques, powers and should always be ready for new challenges. Attentiveness and concentration is the most important aspects in any form of martial art.

Protection During Kickboxing

When you are fighting with your sparring partner or your opponent, you need boxing gloves, mouth guard, hand wraps, groin guard, shin pads, kick boots and helmet (if required). Female boxers are required to wear sports bra and chest guard in addition to the rest of the required things.

Basic Kickboxing Drills

Kickboxing moves for beginners may require a trainer so as to get a better idea of the techniques. Following are some of the basic drills.

Floor to Ceiling Bag Drill

This is a floor to ceiling bag which is used to practice accuracy of the punches and kicks. It also improves the balance and helps you to make a perfect move. You can practice right and left roundhouse kicks, a right cross and a left jab.


Stretching is said to be the best in kickboxing workout routine. It not only improves the muscles but also helps to deliver the kicks properly and smoothly. Start with normal stretching and then keep on increasing slowly.

Heavy Bag

Kick bags and speed bags are usually used for the kickboxing training drills and heavy bags can help the kick boxers a lot. They help in developing stamina and power in their kicks and punches.
While practicing the punch, you should put the thrust from the chest, core muscles and the shoulder and while delivering a kick, use core muscles and hips. It comes under kickboxing conditioning drills as it conditions the shin and makes it stronger.

Partner Work

Partner work is very important in kickboxing drill.
  • You can practice rib kicks for accuracy as you aim at the ribs of your partner. This will also help your partner to develop stamina and improve the rib muscles.
Practice kickboxing footwork drills with your partner in the ring. One can try to trap the other one and the other can try escaping. Try this with foot movements and body positioning.
  • Keep practicing various combination of kicks and punches to get a feel of ring fight. Keep your power in control but try to bring accuracy in each delivery.
  • Make six combinations of punches, kicks and blocks. Give each combination a number. For example: Number 1 has a combination of jab-block-round kick, number 2 has a combination of punch-punch-hook-block-rib kick, and so on.
Now ask your partner to hold a kick pad and call out any number from 1 to 6. You should remember the combination of that particular number and should follow it. This will improve your concentration, stamina, technique and speed.

Improve Speed

Practice alone or with your partner, you should try to gain speed. There are many kick boxers who can deliver their kicks in fraction of seconds. So concentrate on speed but maintain accuracy and quality of technique.
Always remember without a master you can never be a master, hence it is always recommended to carry such activities under the supervision of an experienced instructor. So, go for kickboxing drills if you are really looking for some helpful workouts with some interesting self-defense techniques.