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Jogging Techniques for Beginners

Bhakti Satalkar Feb 18, 2020
If you have decided to take up jogging to exercise yourself, then there are some tips for joggers, which you should keep in mind before you start with your running regime. Here are some techniques to be used while jogging.
Jogging is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercises. It helps burn a lot of calories and stimulate the muscles in the legs, thighs, abs, and back. Regular jogging may minimize the risk of diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke.
It may also help enhance your mood and keep your weight under control. It can be performed indoors on a treadmill or outdoors in the open. If you are new to jogging, then you should know and use some important tips before you begin with this exercise regime.


The following tips will ensure that you derive the best from your jogging workout, and also reduce the chances of injuring yourself.


It is important to have the right footwear. Not having the right footwear, may cause injuries to the ankles, knees, etc. Therefore, pick up those shoes which are specially made for jogging. These shoes are designed to reduce the risk of injury to the knees and legs.

Jogging Surface

Hard surfaces can affect the speed of running, at the same time if the surface is uneven it can injure the knees and other joints in the leg. Therefore, jogging on a soft or grassy surface is the best choice.

Warm Up

Walk briskly, or do some body weight exercises or any other form of light aerobic exercises to warm up your body before running. When you start jogging, start with a slow jog and you can then gradually build up on speed.

Jogging Form

The next important tip for beginners is to maintain a proper form while running. To avoid any injury, focus your eyes about 10 to 20 feet ahead of you. Staring down at the feet is an incorrect method of running. Do not run on the toe or strike your heel first. If you land on your toes, it will tire your calf muscles faster, and it can also cause shin pain.
On the other hand, if you land on your heels, you will over stride and brake while running. This will waste a lot of energy during jogging, and it can cause injury as well. Therefore, it is better to land on the middle of the foot, and then roll through the front of the toes.
Always remember to keep your hands at waist height. More often than not, joggers have a tendency to keep their hands closer to their chest. Keep your hands and arms relaxed as much as possible. Maintain a straight and erect posture while running.

Jogging Routine

A healthy combination of walking exercise and jogging will prove beneficial for overall health. If you run for the entire length, then you will get exhausted easily. However, a combination of walking and jogging will enable you to cover more distance. Once you have trained sufficiently, you will be able to increase your speed as well.

Cool Down

After walking or running slowly for about 5 to 10 minutes, perform stretching exercises to cool down your body. The body is warm, and hence stretching will be easy. You will be able to release the tension in the muscles as well.
Make it a point to follow these mentioned techniques, whether you are new to jogging or a pro at it. These are basic techniques, which will help you even if you are a pro at running.
Disclaimer: Always consult a physician before starting any physical fitness program in order to reduce the risk of injury.