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Jogging in Place

Bhakti Satalkar

The benefits of jogging are great, as it increases the heart rate and help in losing weight. Jogging in place is a no investment (apart from time) cardiovascular exercise, which is great for weight loss. Find out other benefits of this version of jogging in this write-up.
Have you heard about jogging in place, but wonder what is it exactly? Well, it is same as running and jogging, but you do not cut any distance when you jog, as you do not move from one set point. If you are a busy person and do not have the time for workouts, but you want to keep yourself fit and in shape, then jogging in one place is apt for you.
Since it needs only about 1 foot × 1 foot area, it can be done anywhere, anytime. The best part of this exercise is, that it gives immediate results. At the same time, it is simple and easy and does not cost you anything apart from the time you will spend exercising. Having said that, let's turn our attention to benefits of this aerobic exercise.

Benefits of Jogging in Place

There are great benefits associated with jogging. It helps in strengthening the lungs, improves circulatory as well as respiratory systems, increases oxygen intake for better cellular health, and an important benefit, which cannot be neglected is the toning of muscles. So, whether you jog in one place or go out to jog, you will get the similar results.
Jogging in one place increases the heart rate and burns calories at a steady pace. It exercises the thighs, hips, gluteal and calf muscles. If you already workout, then you can include it in your schedule and combine it with a circuit routine.
It is cheap, as it does not need any equipment at all. You will not have to pay for any gym membership nor do you have to go anywhere. Apart from this, you get the freedom to do it anytime and at any place. Even if it is late at night and you have a dangerous neighborhood, you have nothing to be scared about.
The number of calories burned in this version of jogging is similar to the regular jogging. Of course the number will vary from one person to another. The higher the weight of the person, more will be the number of calories burned.
If you weigh anywhere around 130 to 140 pounds, an hour of jogging in a particular place everyday will burn 560 calories per hour. However, if you weigh around 155 pounds and you jog for 10 minutes, the number of calories burned is approximately 94 calories, but if you are 200 pounds, then jogging for 10 minutes will burn as many as 121 calories.
If you want to start with jogging in place, it is important to do so correctly. The right method to jog is to lift one knee at a time, straight up and as high as possible, similar to jumping. To rapidly increase the heart rate, do not kick the feet behind you. You should try to reach your knee to your chest level.
Note that, you will not be able to bring up your knee this high on the first day itself, but as you practice it will certainly become easier. You can bring about a lot of variation in this exercise, so that you are not bored of it. You can choose to land on your toes only for some time as you jog. The other option is to land on your heels or on entire soles.