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Is it Better to Sleep In or Exercise in the Morning?

Buzzle Staff
The alarm rings, and it's time to hit the gym. Should you snooze and get more shut-eye or get out and work out? When sleep and exercise battle it out, it's hard to find the clear winner.
"Early morning exercise will keep you active for the entire day."
Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!
The biggest decision of our life is whether to snooze some more or get up! Sleep is dear, but so is fitness. When we have to choose one, most of us will go for sleep. Early morning is the best time to exercise, say experts, but it always feels like the best time to sleep as well! Nothing can beat those extra 5 minutes of sleep (which turns into an hour).
Skipping exercise everyday just to laze around isn't good for the body. But, what about those days when you sleep late and really need that extra hour of shut-eye? Then what is more important, sleep or exercise? The answer is not that simple fellas.

Making the Right Choice

If you are getting enough sleep and only want to laze around for some time instead of exercising, just get up and move around!
Exercising in the morning has numerous of benefits. In fact, it helps sleep better at night. Even stretching can make a difference. Your mood and energy levels increase drastically. You feel good about yourself. After all, getting up early and working out is no mean feat.
A good workout releases all toxins and makes the skin glow. Endorphins make us beam all day. People who aren't really fond of working out should finish it off in the morning itself. That way they have the entire evening to do fun things. There is also a possibility of work or personal commitments popping up in the latter part of the day.
A morning exercise routine will keep you active through the entire day, only if you are getting enough shut-eye at night. If you are chronically sleep deprived, exercise can make you fatigued or irritated.

Sleep Trumps Exercise?

Sleep is more important than exercise. Sleep deprivation can lead to major disorders. Losing even a couple of hours of sleep every few days can lead to a big sleep debt in the long run.
Proper exercise is not possible if the body is not well rested. So yes, if you are not getting 7 - 9 hours of sleep daily, it's better to skip the exercise part. But this shouldn't become a habit. Try to sleep earlier so as to ensure that you get enough of both: exercise and sleep.

Is it Important to Sleep or Work Out?

If you are trying to lose weight, you cannot ignore sleep. The hormone leptin, which suppresses hunger, is released, and levels of ghrelin, which stimulates hunger, are lowered, when we sleep. Insufficient sleep will make you binge more. Thus, enough sleep and a nutritious diet will help more than exercise.

Is it Okay to Exercise When Sick?

Going for a brisk walk or jog might make you feel better when you have a cold. But don't go for an intense workout. Exercising when you have fever is a strict no. As we burn calories, body temperature increases. This can be harmful when you already have fever.
Our body needs rest and sufficient fluids when we are sick. So, it's better to take a day or two off, rest, and then get back when fit.

How to Get Enough Exercise AND Sleep

► If a morning workout is absolutely impossible because of erratic timings, decide on a suitable time in the evening. Sufficient sleep, regular exercise, nutritious food, and a sound mind are the pillars of a healthy body. So, don't ignore them. Work is important, but so is sleep and exercise. Do strike a proper balance.
► If exercising in the evening, do give your body 2 - 3 hours to cool down before you hit the sack, as body temperature increases when we exercise.
► If you can't find time to exercise continuously, start working out in small intervals. A quick ten-minute workout in the morning, short walk after lunch, interval workouts, etc., are very effective. After all, where there's a will, there's a way!