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How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight!

Shraboni Sen Kar Feb 6, 2020
Have you been making the same New Year's resolutions year after year? Losing weight is becoming a struggle and you are getting stuck in the yo-yo weight loss cycle.
Fret not! It's nothing else but your motivation, that flits in and out every time and makes you fall off the wagon; and I know that can be really exhausting.

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Remember that you’re only human, and making big lifestyle changes is incredibly difficult. However, with a shift in your mindset and a renewed perspective, you can make motivation your constant ally. 

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Determine the Reason

You need to clearly define the reason behind your weight loss plan. Your reason can be anything but this will help you to stay committed and motivated towards your fitness goal. 

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Set a Smart Goal

Create a mental picture of how you want your body to look and do make sure that your weight-loss goal is specific, measurable, attainable and time-bound. 

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Challenge Yourself!

Competitions are good. Sign up for a race or fitness event to give yourself that extra push to attain your goal, and in the meanwhile, also build up your strength and endurance.

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Turn Workout Into Activity

Instead of running on the treadmill, go for an outdoor run with your dog or play tennis, basketball, etc. In short, you need to replace your gym activities with some fun activities to keep your motivation high.

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Workout With a Friend

Exercising with a friend (or family member) is not merely fun. Your buddy has your best interests in mind and will likely hold you to your commitments even at the time when you are being lazy.

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Opt for a Healthy Commute

Transform your daily commute to office into a mini-workout. Try riding your bike or opt for public transportation to reach your workplace. This will not only keep you healthy, but also your environment healthy.

Fitness Apps

Technology makes it easier than ever to help measure and reach your health and fitness goals. The fitness apps provide great content and tools; install one on your smart device and get fit in the smartest way possible.

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Keep Track of Your Progress

Keep a record of your weight, measurements, or BMI. By keeping track of what you have achieved, you're less likely to revert to old habits.

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Befriend the Like-Minded

Having a friend circle who shares the same interests as you will skyrocket your motivation towards achieving your weight loss goals. Healthy friends, healthy eating and healthy habits, what else do you need!

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Reward Yourself!

If no one else, then you should be the one to pat yourself on the back. In your weight loss journey, commemorating yourself (not with food, of course) for your small achievements is one of the best ways to stay motivated.

Limit Your Cheat Day to a Day Only

Don't deprive yourself of your favorite food. Without having any guilt, schedule it into your mid-morning diet, that way you can burn it off throughout the day. 

Google for Online Motivation

Explore the Internet, and find your own type of motivation. There are many motivational speakers online who can inspire you to stay focused on your fitness goals.

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Listen to Success Stories

Surround yourself with success stories which are great for lifting you up as they remind you of the reasons why you're taking control of your health and fitness.

Don't Lose Hope

Above all, don't lose hope and focus on how you will do better tomorrow. Think about how far you've come in this journey, and take each workout and healthy meal as a baby step. 
Remind yourself that you are destined for greatness and you will not settle for anything less.

Be motivated for yourself, strive to be a better version of you!