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How to Prepare for Bikram Yoga

Bhakti Satalkar Feb 10, 2020
To derive the best from your hot yoga session, it is important to be well prepared for the session. There are some measures that have to be taken not only before and during the class, but also after the class. In this write-up, let's learn what they are...
Anyone who has heard of Bikram yoga is aware that it is practiced in very high temperatures. Therefore, one has to be well prepared for each of the classes. This write-up is divided into three sections, the steps to take before going for Bikram yoga are divided into three phases.

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In other words, the measures to be taken before one goes for the sessions, measures to be taken during the class and after the class. Each of the measures to be taken, have an important role to play, so that you are able to derive the best from each of the Bikram yoga sessions.

How to Prepare for Bikram Yoga Class

Measures to be Taken Before Class

The day you are supposed to go for your class, it is important that you start the preparations in the morning itself, by drinking a lot of water. Many people often make the mistake of drinking only when they are about to go to class. However, you should drink water in small quantities all through the day. This will ensure you are not dehydrated at the end of the class.
However, it is best to taper water consumption about an hour before the class, else you will have to use the washroom during the class as well. The last meal before the class should be had about 3 hours before you go for your class. It is best to stick to a light meal of salads or fruits.
This will give you the energy required for the class. If you go to the class on an empty stomach, then there are chances that you will feel hungry during the class and not be able to perform well.
It is important that you carry your own yoga mat along with towels for the class. Carry a big towel, which can be spread on the yoga mat. Since one sweats profusely during hot yoga, it is best to spread the towel on the mat, so that the mat does not disintegrate due to the sweat and also remains clean. Also use another towel for wiping sweat off the body.
Have your total quota of sleep the previous night. If you have not slept well the previous night, there are chances you will not be able to do all the postures correctly, as you will lack concentration.
It is also natural that you will feel very sleepy and tired during the class, if you have not slept the previous night. To derive the Bikram yoga benefits, it is best not to work out on the days you have Bikram yoga sessions and also the next day.

Measures to be Taken During Class

Wearing the right clothes is also important for the Bikram yoga class. If the clothes are very loose, they may come in the way of practice. The clothes in which you are going to practice yoga have to be light and breathable. It is best to stick to natural fibers like cottons.
It will not only soak moisture from the body, but it also help to keep the body cool naturally. Men should stick to over pants and go shirtless. Women can either team up a tank top or sports bra with shorts for the class. There is an added advantage of wearing such clothes. The instructor will be able to spot any mistakes in your posture easily.
Carry about 2 bottles of water for the class. Do not drink a lot of water at one go during the class. Drinking small swigs of water throughout the class are recommended. This will ensure you are well hydrated during the class.
If during the class you feel nauseated or dizzy, it is best to stop practicing and rest. It is possible that you will not be able to perform on a certain day due to various reasons. If it is very hot inside the yoga studio, then you should walk out of the studio and let your body temperature come down to normal.

Measures to be Taken After Class

After the class is over, it is advisable to lie down in the corpse pose, till you have cooled down. Many people do not understand that they derive the benefits of the class when the hard work is integrated. The integration starts during the col down. One should at least have a corpse pose of 10 minutes for better relaxation.
After the class is over drinking some water is necessary. It will help you to hydrate your system. It will ensure you do not feel giddy or lightheaded after the class. You may also choose to have a fruit after the class. It is best not to run after the next activity after the yoga class.
The state of relaxation and calmness should be maintained after the class as well. Make sure you sleep well after the class, so that you are energized for the next class.
These were some of the tips for preparing for Bikram yoga. If you suffer from any ailment, it is best to consult your health care professional and your yoga teacher for specific tips, so that you are able to take all the measures for the class and protect yourself.