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How to Overcome Your Weight Gain Insecurities

Mukta Gaikwad Oct 30, 2020
Festering insecurities about being overweight can get you down in the dumps. You may cover the flab with plus-sized clothes, and probably start staying indoors when the problem impacts your social life, but will this really help you get over your insecurity?
Real beauty isn't about symmetry or weight or makeup; it's about looking life right in the face and seeing all its magnificence reflected in your own.
Valerie Monroe
Our perception of our body largely defines the self-confidence we have. The constant paranoia about how you look and how much you weigh can really get into the way of focusing on other things in life. The insecurity about being overweight surely dampens an individual's social skills, and has an indirect bearing on day-to-day activities.
All of this put together, has long-term effects on one's career, achievements, and personal growth. However, have you ever wondered what could be the solution to this insecurity?

Being overweight has numerous reasons. Pregnancy, medical conditions, genetic causes, sedentary lifestyle, and dietary habits.
While it is true that most of these reasons can be treated, most of us reel under the insecurity of weight gain while attempting to fight the battle of the bulge. However, nursing this insecurity for a long time can lead you into depression, or make you bitter for a long time to come.
Instead, let's take a look at how you can overcome this insecurity, and get back your shape and confidence.

Overcome Your Weight Gain Insecurities

How Does it Affect You?
Being uncomfortable in your skin can put you in a terrible place while socializing with friends, in school, in college, or in professional spaces.
Losing respect for yourself also makes others lose respect for you. Overweight people generally become the butt of all jokes in gatherings, which adds to them losing respect for themselves. This would slowly start affecting your mental health, and make you think you are worthless.
These feelings in turn, dissuade you from socializing, and turns into self-imposed isolation. All of this put together, can lead to unwanted depression too. Depression is known to be a valid cause of gaining weight more weight, as people, many a time, respond to it by eating unnecessarily. Thus, if you let your weight issue get the better of you, it will further complicate your problem of losing weight and rebuilding your morale.
Nail Your Problem
As mentioned earlier, weight gain can be attributed to various reasons. For example, putting on weight during pregnancy, or because of hypothyroidism, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, stress, anxiety, depression, and certain medications, is very natural. A family history which tends towards weight gain can also put you at a risk of gaining weight.
While you are trying to deal with the way you look, you have to nail the problem before you begin cursing yourself and blaming your fate for not losing weight despite the efforts you might be making.
Address the Issue
Knowing what the problem is makes it easy to deal with. Consult a doctor if there is the need to deal with the underlying issue at hand.
Weight gain could just be a symptom of another bigger problem. Once you starting treating the medical condition which is causing the weight gain, losing weight will be much simpler. Also, consult a dietitian to help you figure out how you can lose weight, by controlling what you eat.
On the other hand, if your problem is a wrong diet and lack of exercise, then only you can help yourself. Procrastinating will only worsen your condition by increasing your weight. This will make you even more insecure by the day. So, begin dealing with the problem as soon as possible, to rebuild your positive self-image.
What is Your Solution?
Once you've consulted your doctor and identified the problem, you need to come up with a final solution to treat it.
Whatever the combination might be to lose weight - exercise, diet, or medication, you need to chalk out a plan either by yourself or with an expert. Just wishing that you need to lose weight, and brooding over being overweight, isn't going to help you lose any weight. You have to find the solution to the problem, for it to be solved.
Turning Plan into Action
They say planning is half the battle won, so is the battle with your body, by putting the plan into action.
Stop giving yourself excuses about how the plan won't work, and get down to getting rid of the unwanted fat in your body.  Find the inspiration that you require to get back in shape. If a countless makeover stories that we read about in magazines and see on television come true, then so can you make your dream come true.
Find things to do that make you happy. Outdoor activities are an excellent way of staying fit and diverting attention from you thinking about your insecurity. Getting over your insecurity can seem like child's play to those who are not living the problem, while you, on the other hand, may feel like all your life's problems are centered around your obesity.
Remind yourself of your talents, your skills, your achievements, so far. Oftentimes, we come across people who cry about their jobs, their relationships, and essentially everything which comes their way. No one wants to be unhappy like that, and if you are sad about your weight issues, you need to get up and find your happiness.