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Learn to Make a Yoga Mat Bag

Read on to know how to make Yoga Mat Bag.
Tulika Nair Mar 10, 2020
Yoga can be a great way to relieve yourself of the stress of everyday life while ensuring that you remain physically fit. While practicing yoga, there aren't many accessories that you need but a yoga mat is a must.
Everyone emphasizes on the importance of choosing a good yoga mat, but most people forget how important it can be to have the correct bag to carry the mat around. Lugging a yoga mat around can be quite a pain and what better way to ease the stress then creating a bag meant for a yoga mat.

Making a Yoga Mat

For someone who is a yoga practitioner, making a yoga mat bag to carry their yoga mat for class can be a fun weekend do-it-yourself project. Before you start making your bag though, there are a couple of decisions that you will need to take, including a decision about the type of fabric you want to use.
A yoga mat bag needs a durable fabric which is a little tough and long-lasting. Many people prefer using duffel bag fabrics but you can also choose to use a fabric like denim to make your bag.
Given is a list of things that you need before you start making your bag.

❖ Fabric
❖ Measuring Tape
❖ Sewing Machine
❖ Scissors
❖ Pins
❖ Thread
Once you have everything that you need, all you need to do is follow the simple steps given here in order to make your yoga mat bag. Making this bag is a very simple process but ensure that your measurements are correct. Try to give as much margin as possible as that will leave you with extra fabric.
❖ In order to start out with the project, you first need to measure your yoga mat. Roll your yoga mat properly and measure both, its length, its perimeter, and its circumference.
❖ With these measurements in place, you can start cutting the fabric that you are using. You will need to cut out a rectangular piece for the main body and one round piece for the base of the bag.
❖ Ensure that you add three inches of extra fabric to stitch in the seams and three inches to the circumference of the drawstring top. The width of the fabric needs to be at least an inch more than the perimeter.
❖ Now, you need to start stitching the fabric. To do this, fold the fabric lengthwise so that the two ends of the fabric touch together. Now turn it inside out to stitch it along its length. To make this process easier you can stitch the edges together before you turn the fabric inside out.
❖ Next, attach the strap for the bag. You could choose to make a strap out of the same fabric or your another cord. Fix one end of the strap five inches away from the top of the bag and leave the other end of the strap inside the tubular fabric structure that you have created. To fix the strap for the bag, you need to turn it the right way again.
❖ It is easiest to attach the base of the fabric while it is inside out. It can be easier to stitch them together after you pin them to the tubular form that you have created. At the bottom end, stitch the end to the fabric with the strap inserted in between so that this is secure.
❖ Now, create the drawstring opening for the bag. For this, you will need to fold the top of the bag towards the inside. Make a fold of about one inch. Stitch it up. Leave both ends open so that you can slide in the drawstring cord or ribbon. Pull it together to close the bag properly.
This is how easy it is to make a bag to carry your yoga mat. It may be advisable to add lining to the bag which can be stitched in the same manner as the bag. If you wish to, you can personalize the bag by embroidering it with your initials or even using different trinkets on it to create designs.