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How to Lose Weight with Sauna Suits

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Sauna suits are clothing designed to promote sweating and help weight loss. Do people who wear sauna suits really lose weight? Let's find out...
Although we all know that the thumb rule for healthy weight loss is correct eating and exercising, we always end up searching for easy and faster ways to shed extra calories. This is where all these weight loss fads come up, which are not only expensive, but pose adverse effects too.
One such option is wearing a sauna suit to lose weight. This is a nylon, plastic, or rubberized vinyl clothing promoted to give the effects of being in a dry sauna. The result is excess sweating while working out and burning calories. Hence, the name sauna suit or sauna sweat suit.

Losing Weight with Sauna Suits

Sauna suits are most commonly wore by wrestlers, athletes, and professional body builders, who are desperate to drop a few pounds or maintain their weight. In recent times, more and more health conscious people prefer wearing a sauna suit during exercising to help control weight.
For occasional usage, it results in negligible side-effects. Rather, sweating aids in getting rid of body toxins. In simple terms, losing weight by perspiration and expending electrolytes is safe to a certain degree.
The concerning issue is shedding weight to a greater extent by using a sauna suit. It is to be borne in mind that these outfits are meant for increasing body temperature, metabolism, and stimulating calorie burning.
So, the lost weight is not fat deposits, but water and electrolytes from the body. When there is excessive use and increased sweating, wearing a sauna suit is associated with certain complications such as dehydration, heat shock, and loss of excess electrolytes.
In case you are planning to wear a sauna suit to lose weight, ensure that you go for a medical checkup to examine metabolic and heat-related problems. For patients of such health conditions, wearing a sauna suit is strictly not recommended. Otherwise, it may lead to overheating and fainting.
If you are well and fit, wear a sauna suit as directed by the manufacturer, and fasten any applicable bands. The presence of openings will permit air entry and release your body heat, which is against the whole approach.
Another tip is to abide the instructions regarding appropriate exercises with which you can use a sauna suit. Most often, it is prescribed to use sweat suits during cardiovascular exercises. While you are in a sauna suit, do not forget to drink lots of cold water, at least an 8-ounce glass of water after every 15 minutes.
Doing so will help balance the water loss and prevent any side-effect. Follow a balanced diet in 5 - 6 small servings. You can also drink electrolyte-enhanced beverages to compensate its loss from the body. Last but not the least, allow your body to cool down before you remove the suit and go for a shower.