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How to Lose Weight at Home

Mukta Gaikwad Aug 11, 2020
Ah, how we all long for that beautifully sculpted model-like figure! Then again, how many of us have the time to visit the gym? For people who fit this description, help is at hand. You can now lose weight in the comfort of your home with these tried and tested, yet simple ways.
"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."
- Jim Ryan
At the dawn of every new year, we often make resolutions that we very conveniently forget. Often than not, this resolution includes that of getting fit, and shedding weight. Well, if you, like most others have been postponing health matters just because of a lame excuse of not having the time to visit the gym, it's time you began working out at home instead.
Schedule your daily activities in such a way that you get time to work on yourself. Making a plan sums up to be the motivation you need to lose weight. Once you have your goal set in front of you it will be easier for you to execute your plan.

Get Drinking

If you want to lose weight you ought to get drinking. Kick start your day with a glass of warm water. Doing this daily, first thing in the morning is sure to help you shed flab. Keep yourself hydrated all through the day, to help curb your hunger at odd times.
Besides, that a glass of water at regular intervals is essential to keep your heart healthy, and a healthy heart is obviously a sign of a healthy you. A spoonful of honey with a dash of lemon juice and a pinch of cinnamon powder in a glass or two of warm water is sure to aid you with weight loss.

Eating Right

Do away with all the junk stored in your house and replace it with healthy food like vegetables, fruits, cereals, lean meat, and dark chocolate. Make it a habit to eat small servings of healthy food at regular intervals as this will surely help in shedding extra flab.
One of the sure-shot ways to lose weight at home is, to snack on a bowl of sprouts or salad instead of the regular bowl of popcorn or cookies. You do not have to starve yourself to lose weight, but just eat right and less.
As far as possible avoid caffeine in all forms, this implies you have to cut down on coffee, cocoa, tea, soft drinks, and candy. Replace your spoon of sugar with a drizzle of pure honey and a dash of cinnamon powder to your fruit juices to help you shed weight.
At all times remember the proverb, 'Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper'.

Release Energy

Leading a sedentary lifestyle only adds to the pent-up energy in the body which culminates in piling on pounds. The best way to get rid of flab and get 'fab' is by releasing energy through various activities.
Apart from your daily chores that help you release energy, you need to get moving and not just strolling around. That said, you need to get at least 45 minutes of rigorous and strenuous exercise regime to help your body release the extra energy.
You can start by walking/jogging on the treadmill for a good 15 to 20 minutes daily. You can even get outdoors and walk briskly in the park every morning and evening. Take the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator.
Get your child's jumping rope out of the closet and use it to sculpt your own body. Another alternative is to buy yourself a stationary bike and pedal away to a gorgeous body.
To get your heart pumping, you should ideally...
  • Brisk walk for 30-40 minutes or Jog for 20 minutes at a stretch
This should be supplemented with...
  • 8 to 10 minutes of stretching your muscles
  • 10 to 15 minutes of crunches, pull-ups and push-ups
  • 5 to 8 minutes of step up
  • 10 minutes of aerobics or functional exercises
  • Weight training once every 3 days
The next best option...
  • Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy a workout in the bargain.
The best way to shed flab at home is to live a healthy lifestyle, and for that you definitely need to practice a few healthy habits. These include being an early riser, taking exercise seriously, and drinking plenty of water.
Besides, you also ought to remember to cut down your caffeine intake, eat healthy, and minimize being sedentary for too long; which means you have to ditch the elevator, bid goodbye to lazing around on the couch while munching on chips and popcorn. Last but definitely not the least, you need to get enough sleep to aid you in your weight loss regime.