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How to Lose Armpit Fat in 4 weeks

This story includes all the workouts you should be doing to lose armpit fat.
multazim shaikh Mar 1, 2019

1. Rope battles

The first exercise is the rope battles. This exercise is very effective as it constantly exerts pressure on your arm area. Just hold the end of ropes and lift one hand and then the other, go fast as you can. This will help you to burn more calories.

2. Tricep Kickback

This exercise helps in building tricep muscles and thus helps you to burn armpit fat. Just hold the dumbbell and bend it a bit and then push the dumbbell backward and bring to the initial point. This puts intense pressure on your armpit areas and helps reduce fat.

3. Jumping Jacks

This exercise makes your heart pump faster, and we know anything that makes your heart pump faster also causes fat loss. Also, it involves the movement of hands and thus contributing to losing armpit fat.

4. Pushups

The next exercise is pushups. Now if you are looking for armpit fat workouts then this must be in your list. Perform close grip pushups to exert more pressure on your armpit areas. Go slow while doing this exercise, focus more on your form.

5. Plank

The last exercise I have for you is a plank. Plank is the ultimate solution for all the problems when it comes to losing fat. Plank helps in making a stronger core, helps in losing fat. You need to perform planks for at least 1-2 minutes.