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How to Increase Stamina?

Chandramita Bora Feb 20, 2020
There are various exercises and training programs to increase the level of stamina. However, these fitness programs work best when these are supplemented with a healthy diet and adequate rest or sleep.
A low level of stamina is the number one reason behind low work efficiency, and low physical and mental performance. Many people succumb to fatigue and become lethargic, mainly due to a lack of stamina.
Though different individuals have different levels of endurance, it is always possible to raise it. A high level of endurance is especially important for those engaged in sport activities. Even people doing workouts require higher stamina and exercise endurance.

Increasing Your Endurance

General Fitness

First make sure that you are getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep daily, along with following a healthy and balanced diet. However, do not sleep excessively.
Start your day with a healthy breakfast, and take enough fluid or water throughout the day. If your diet is not providing all the essential nutrients, then consider taking supplements after discussing with your physician.
Next to diet and sleep, consider a training program to increase your endurance level. Walking, especially brisk walking, running, cycling, as well as swimming are some of the best exercises for increasing endurance.
Walking, running, and jogging can increase the efficiency of your heart and lungs, and strengthen the leg muscles.
Swimming on the other hand, can tone up the muscles of the entire body. However, be sure to set a realistic goal before starting the training program. Start slowly and then gradually increase the duration and intensity of the exercises.
Consider weight training to tone up and strengthen your muscles. Even trekking and yoga can improve stamina to a great extent.
To increase exercise endurance, try to increase the duration of a workout session slowly. At the same time, try to increase your speed and go harder than before. Perform the exercises that can increase heart rate.
Cardiovascular exercises are excellent for this. It is always better to combine various exercises and training programs, in order to increase the level of endurance.

For Runners

Running is one of the few activities that demands an extremely high level of endurance. So, begin with a healthy diet and do not forget to sleep properly. Then set a realistic target on the basis of your capabilities.
Do not start running miles all of a sudden. Rather go slowly, and try to walk longer distances gradually.
Before running, warm up and stretch your muscles. Run slowly for a few minutes, and then try to jump rope or do something like jumping jacks. This will help warm up your muscles and prepare them for the actual act.
Try interval training, i.e., try to change your speed while running. Start running at a fast pace and then slow down to run briskly for a few minutes, before increasing the speed again. Such interval training gives time for recovery without lowering the heart rate significantly.
Another factor that can play an important role in increasing stamina is proper breathing. While running, try to breathe in through the nose and breathe out through the mouth. This is an ideal breathing pattern while running.
Also try to relax your body while running. If your muscles are tight, they are going to tire quickly. So, relax your body and the mind for running long distances. Runners should also consider weight training to build stamina. Weight training can help tone up the muscles, and make them stronger.

For Basketball Players

Another sport that demands a significant level of endurance and energy is basketball. Basketball players can benefit immensely from weight training and cross-training. Exercises like crunches, push-ups, pulls-ups, and squats are ideal for them. Leg curls and leg presses are also excellent for basketball players.
The cross training combines the exercises that work on different muscles, which is another way to enhance the level of performance. In addition to these, include low-impact cardiovascular exercises to boost the health of your heart, and the lung capacity.
Try to increase your aerobic capacity with the help of exercises like jogging and cycling.
Basketball players can also consider doing sprint training to increase their anaerobic capacity. They can run a series of sprints, separated by rest periods to increase the lung capacity and build leg stamina.
Plyometric exercises can also benefit them immensely. Box jumps, jumping jacks, jumping ropes, and leaping lunges are some examples of such exercises. Suicides are another option, which are very intense, but quite beneficial for building endurance and muscle agility.
To achieve success in this endeavor, do not forget to include a lot of healthy foods in your diet, and get enough sleep in the night. Otherwise, you won't get the required level of energy to go for the various endurance-building exercises and training programs.