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How to Hang a Heavy Bag Easily

Snehal Motkar Aug 26, 2020
Heavy bags weigh a lot and if not hung properly, they might end up destroying things around or hurting people. So if you don't want to face the above situations, learn the correct ways to hang it, in the following story.
Usually heavy bags are punching bags used by boxers for their boxing practice. The bags are filled with a very heavy material and if the bags are not hung at the right place and in the right way, it might hurt the person around. There are various places where you can hang the bag according to your convenience and the space.
You can hang it from the ceiling, punching bag stand, against a wall, in the garage or in the basement. Though there are many options to hang the punching bag, there are some factors to be taken into consideration while hanging them in any of these places.

Factors to be Considered


The first important thing that we should decide before hanging the bag is its height. How high should a heavy bag be? All these bags have a sweet spot. This sweet spot is the boxer's target while practicing and it should be at the right place, i.e., around the eye level. Many bags have a label at this sweet spot which makes it easily identifiable. This spot is meant for correct hitting by the boxer, neither too hard nor too soft.


The heavy bag will work effectively only if it is hung at the right location. You can select spots like the room ceiling, the basement, a wall, etc. Choose the spot that will give you maximum safety and security. Also, the spot should be spacious enough to let the heavy bag swing easily without affecting any objects around it.

Different Ways to Hang a Heavy Bag

From the Ceiling

Remember, this method is applicable for bags that weigh between 120 to 125lbs. If you have a bag heavier than that, you must adopt another method
  • Locate a stud beam to hang the heavy bag to prevent it from pulling off from the ceiling. For a less spacious area, the stud beam should be at least 25 inches away from the side wall.
  • Take an eye bolt (available at any hardware shop or sometimes even comes with the bag) and drill it into the stud beam. Use a screwdriver to complete the tightening of the screw.
  • Each bag comes with chains and swivels. Generally, there are four chains on four sides of the bag and they are attached together with a loop.
  • Take an "S" shaped hook (available at hardware shops) and insert it into the eye bolt that is fixed into the ceiling.
  • Now, hold the loop that joins the chains and insert it into the "S" shaped hook. Take help from someone else while hanging the bag into the hook, because you can't do it alone. You can stand on a chair and ask the other person to hand the bag to you when you balance yourself.
If you have a bag weighing more than 125lbs you will need a heavy bag ceiling mount which is available at shops that sell boxing products. This ceiling mount has a steel platform which takes the weight from the eye bolt and secures the safety of the bag.

From a Stand

If you are not willing to take the risk of hanging the bag from your room's ceiling, you can use a punching bag stand which is easily available at gyms. It just needs to be attached by the hook of the bag according to the instructions provided in the user manual and you are done.
But these stands are a bit expensive and need a spacious area. If you have a separate room and if you can afford to buy the stand, it is the best way to hang a heavy bag without the risk of ceiling damage.

Against the Wall

You can also hang the heavy bag off the wall using a wall mount hanger. There is one perpendicular bar to the wall from which the bag can be suspended. There are two other horizontal bars to support the perpendicular bar. Drill two holes through the wall measuring the length of the horizontal bars and fix two wood studs on which the bars will be inserted.
If you directly attach the metal bars to the wall, the wall might get cracked during the process. And the wood studs will also offer extra support to the hanger. Though it will cost you more, you won't have to run the risk of damaging your ceiling and let me tell you, it is cheaper than the bag stand.
That was all about the heavy bag hanging. I have suggested all the possible ways of hanging a heavy bag and you can choose any one of them according to your convenience. But do bear in mind the negatives of each type because many a time, looking at the benefits we tend to overlook the drawbacks.