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How to Do Dumbbell Pullovers

Sonu S Aug 26, 2020
Dumbbell pullovers can be a great addition to your workout routine. This story will guide you on how to do dumbbell pullovers, to get the best result.
Dumbbell pullovers is one of those exercises that is difficult to master, as you have to get into a peculiar position to do it. When I did dumbbell pullovers for the first time, I did not feel that I was working on my chest. Why? The answer is simple; I was doing it wrong!
Even if you do not use the right technique to perform exercises like bicep curls, or overhead triceps extension, you will certainly feel some effect on the targeted area, but while doing dumbbell pullovers your technique should be immaculate to feel any effect on your chest!
This exercise requires a lot of control, and that is why I do not recommend it to beginners.

Dumbbell Pullover Exercise

Using the wrong technique while doing dumbbell pullovers will do more harm than good! Here are the steps that you should follow to get the required results:

Selecting the Weight

This is where most people go wrong! If you do not choose the right weight, then you are bound to go wrong. I cannot tell you how much the dumbbell should weigh, as everyone has a different capacity to lift weights. Select a dumbbell which is not too light (that you do not feel a thing when you do the exercise), or see that the weight is not so heavy (that you are hardly able to do the pullover).

Positioning Yourself

As I mentioned earlier, to do this exercise you need to get into a very strange posture. You will need a flat bench for this. Take the bench and place it in a clear area (you need a lot of room for doing dumbbell pullovers). Now, use both your hands to hold the dumbbell at one end (from inside), such that your palms are in contact with the dumbbell head.
Hold the dumbbell close to your chest, and lie on the bench (perpendicular to the longer edge), in such a way that, only your upper back and your neck are on the bench. Now, stretch out your legs, then bend your knees, and keep your feet flat on the floor. Lower your hips a little. Now, grip the dumbbell firmly, and raise it over your chest (see that there is just a minor bend in your elbows when you do so).

Performing the Exercise

Once you are in the correct position, you can start the exercise. Keep your grip firm, and slowly move your hand over your head, towards the floor (this is why I asked you to place the bench in a clear area), and inhale simultaneously. Stop the motion, the moment you feel that your chest has stretched.
It will not be beneficial for you, if you lower the dumbbell further. Now, slowly raise the dumbbell to the initial position (do NOT bend your arms too much), squeeze your chest while doing so and exhale at the same time. Repeat, till you finish the desired number of repetitions.
Avoid moving your legs and locking your elbows, while doing dumbbell pullovers, and also try to keep your wrists neutral. While doing the exercise, if you feel that you are exhausted, stop immediately! If you continue, you might just drop the heavy dumbbell on your head.
I recommend you to ask someone to supervise you while you do the pullovers, this person can provide you with the dumbbell when you lie in position, and collect it from you when you are done.
Dumbbell pullovers will help you build a fantastic chest. Do not get disheartened, if you cannot get it right it in the first attempt, continue doing other chest exercises, I am sure you will improve eventually. Control is the key to any exercise. Once you learn how to control your movements during an exercise, you will get the best results!