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How to Compare Treadmills

Yash Gode Feb 20, 2020
Here is some information on parameters to be considered while purchasing treadmill.
An individual is willing to spend more money on treadmills, as compared to other exercise equipment. But with the market teeming with countless brands and models, a question of comparison is bound to arise. Like any other new purchase, one should conduct some research before one decides to buy this.
A bunch of questions can crop up in your mind, when you decide to shop for this equipment. With several brands, each having more than a dozen models, and with each manufacturer claiming their product to be superior in one aspect or the other, more often than not, you may end up with a raw deal.
Going through the buying guide, reviews, and the ratings may be a tried-and-tested way to go about it. However, making comparisons on your own, by making a detailed compilation of all the models of various brands, can be a very tedious job. Instead one can go for product reviews in consumer magazines or one could search the Internet.
Most of the content is unbiased and comes from reliable sources. If you were previously visiting a fitness center or a gym, you can consult the trainer so that you can take a well-informed decision. This way your selection would be logical, practical, and you would end up choosing a suitable equipment.

Comparison : Parameters

There are five parameters or properties of this equipment, which must be taken into consideration:

Motor with Optimum Wattage

The driving motor of this equipment should not be too powerful or it may take a toll on your electric bills. Nor should it be too much of a power saver or it will burn much in-advance. A range of 2 - 2.5 hp (approx 1500 - 2200 W), is the ideal power rating of the motor.


This parameter is usually ignored, however, proper cushioning is very important for the safety of your joints, back, and ligaments.

Indicator Panel

A comprehensive indicator panel with vital data like distance covered, approximate calories burnt, cardio details like: pulse rate and blood pressure, should be amongst the components monitored.

Extended Warranty

Ensure that your purchase is backed by an extended warranty. Every component of this equipment must be covered under this warranty, though the period might not be the same. For instance, the framework may be warranted for more than 20 years, motor for up to 5 years, and parts and servicing for at least 12 months.

Renowned Brand Name

The general perception that 'A good brand name equals good quality' is debatable, however, it is true in case of this equipment. In order to maintain a strong grip on their market share, bigger brands go a long way to please the consumer.
The services of the more experienced players are impeccable and you can bet your money on their quality components. Avoid going for cheap ones, as they generally don't prove to be worthwhile in the long run.

Elliptical Machine

Make sure that you never get confused between a treadmill and an elliptical machine. This debate has been raging for a long time now, but there is no clear winner yet.
Unlike this equipment, an elliptical machine focuses on the workout of the entire body. Moreover, people with a history of knee ailments are advised to opt for an elliptical, as it is less stressful on the knee joint.
Besides keeping the aforementioned parameters in mind, you must also decide your budget, so that you can purchase the most suitable equipment.