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Helpful Tips to Choose Walking Shoes

Azmin Taraporewala Mar 15, 2020
There used to be a time when a pair of shoes could suffice for all activities. Time has floated away, and there seems to be a variety of shoes flooding the store shelves to aid you take your pick, one activity at a time.
Do you remember the shoes you wore when you went jogging, taking your poodle for a stroll or just gardening in your backyard? Well, you surely remember the shoes that you wore when you indulged in all the activities mentioned. The prime reason of you remembering the pair with glaring clarity is because you always flashed the same pair for all occasions.
The concept of universal-use-shoes has been scrapped and in comes the occasion where there are shoes meant for each activity. The era of specificity has finally had its influx.
There are a variety of shoes that are meant to deliver comfort and facilitate your efficiency levels so that you may deliver your best shot in whichever activity you cherish. So, what is that you must look out for, in order to pick the right pair for yourself?

Useful Tips to Select Walking Shoes

In order buy the best walking shoes that simply suit the activities you indulge in, you must read the following points:
  • Make up your mind as to what type of walking are you picking up the pair for. Do you want shoes that suffice your casual walking needs? Is it race walking, marathon walking, or hiking that you have been wanting to buy shoes for?
  • If casual walking is what you aim for, then shoes that are comfortable and do not give you blisters on your toes or heels are perfectly all right.
  • If race walking is what you want the shoes for, then race walking shoes that are flexible and facilitate a smooth roll whilst walking are the best buys for you.
  • For marathon walking, you must look out for comfort that your shoes would deliver. Make sure that your toes don't get stifled and you are able to walk with an appropriate speed.
  • For hiking, choose shoes that are high on maintaining grip on terrain. You have to look out for shoes that are sturdy and prevent physical disasters.
  • Try on different pairs of shoes and see which one gives you the perfect fit. Check for toe space as well. You should not end up with blisters when you start using it.
  • Look out for appropriate arch support while you take your pick. You might have to pay attention to the shoe cushioning. People who have been bothered by heel spurs have to look out for comfort and adequate support that the shoes deliver while walking.
  • Buy shoes when you have a lot of time in hand. When you buy shoes at leisure you are sure to make the right decision. If you are in a hurry, you may end up buying the wrong pair, a mistake you would be reminded of every time you slip your feet in those shoes.
  • When you have bought new shoes, make sure that you wear them on a regular basis. Try to get used to the feel and make them your second skin while you walk. Initially try not to wear it outside.
  • Wear the pair indoors, stroll in your garden or conduct some activity while you have the shoes on.
  • Wear the same pair of socks that you feel most comfortable in, so that you have a fair idea about the fit that is provided by the shoes.
  • The last point that one must keep in mind is to replace the old ones as soon as they show signs of kicking the bucket. Well, take notice and get a new pair before they retire and have to be confined to the bin.
  • Buy a fresh pair while you have your old one's still sustaining your walking regimen. You may alternate the wear; the new ones could be worn on Monday, the old ones on Tuesday, and so on. This is how you would gradually shift to wearing and getting used to the new ones.
Hope the information has made your job of buying walking shoes a lot easier. You know how to select a pair that seems tailor-made for you, don't you!